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Ancient Part - Essay Example

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Name of the of the Professor Course Number Date Macro & Micro economics Ancient European Economy: Situation of Germany This essay throws a light on the social, economic and political picture of Germany before 1000. It tries to emphasis the basic factors in the social and economic institutions that had helped Germany to develop economically over time…
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Ancient Part
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Extract of sample "Ancient Part"

Download file to see previous pages The western Roman empires started to collapse during this period of time and early modern age had its point of initiation from the end of this era. The phase between 5th and15th centuries is segmented into three phases; early, high and late middle age. After the collapse of the Roman Empire the provinces were under the control of barbarian invaders. Carolingian and East Francian Empires existed in Germany in the early middle ages. These dynasties were taken as the starting point of modern Germany. The institute, administration and regime in the Carolingian empire were in the court of its ruler Charlemagne. The political changes of the empire were made in the capital of Aachen in the province that had an extensive impact in the economy of German in the later ages. Historians often suspect the depth of emperor’s authority and rule. Monarchy was the system of rule when the central power and authority was in the hands of the emperor. This rule was known as Bannan; it was the right of law and charge that the emperor had over his territory (Caviness 49). The various rules of law were introduced by the king and he had complete judicial control over his provinces. The army or the defence of the province was also led by the ruler. It was the responsibility of the king to look after the underprivileged people and protect the church. People in the province were bound to be loyal to the king. The main objectives of the ruler were to systematize the sovereignty, church and cordiality around him. At the end of every norm the efficacy of the king was directly proportional to the effectiveness, support and trustworthiness of his subjects. There was an inbuilt body known as the Royal household who made sure that proper supervision was held in the localities. The count of the palace looked into the activities of the royal household. The priestly affairs of the kingdom were under the supervision of the chaplains, they had great power and importance over the people of the province. Coinage had a strong association with the Roman Empire, after the collapse of Roman administration Charlemagne took control over the coinage system with its own regulations (Bruce 67). The Carolingians exercised control over the silver coinage of the dominion by domineering its concerto and standards. The name of the king, but not its minter appeared on the silver coins. The existence of silver coins showed that the economy was rich with resources. The king concealed the mints in northern Germany on the Baltic Sea and thus kept a secret reserve of wealth hidden from rest of the world. The brief analysis of the state of affairs long back in Germany reveals that before industrial revolution the common people had no freedom over their own decisions (Duby 87). The representative of the God was the chaplains, and the representative of the chaplains was the king. The common folk had no authority over their own political, economic and social activities. The sovereignty of the people was completely under the control of the king. Catering to the above factors Germany before 1800 was a heavily rural nation. There were only a few urban trade centres across the domestic borders of Germany. A business treaty of trading cities with their gilts existed in the trading centres of Germany. The farmers lived in the villages ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ancient Part Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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