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The Impact of the Ottoman Empire on Europe's and Turkey's architecture, gouvernment and life - Essay Example

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The Ottoman Empire was originally referred to as the Turkish Empire; the empire constituted a Sunni Islamic state founded by Oghuz Turks under the leadership of Osman…
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The Impact of the Ottoman Empire on Europes and Turkeys architecture, gouvernment and life
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"The Impact of the Ottoman Empire on Europe's and Turkey's architecture, gouvernment and life"

Download file to see previous pages The major areas where the Ottoman caused impacts in Europe and Turkey include architecture, government, and general life of the citizens. This research paper focuses on how the Ottoman Empire changed and influenced the architecture, politics and social life in Europe and Turkey.
The Ottoman Empire constituted one of the three empires that were most outstanding in the world. The other two empires of the world along with the Ottoman Empire were the Roman Empire and the British Empire1. The Ottoman Empire acquired several benefits from the already established states of Turkey. The states had already underwent a lot of establishment, thus, the Ottoman Empire used some of their resources for internal growth and development. One unique feature about the empire was that it was always attracted to ways of life of the West. Additionally, the Ottoman Empire did not have any prejudgements about anyone and bore with all forms of religious and ethnic groups within its operation regions. The founding, rising and advancement of the Ottoman Empire underwent actualisation using a well-designed plan and program. The plan for actualisation was founded on the principles of both spiritual and worldly realities in the state philosophy. The success and influence of the Ottoman Empire was possible due to sharing the central and local leadership responsibilities with all ethnic and religious colleagues.
The history of Ottoman Empire has its tracings back to a Turkish tribal chieftain known as Othman (Osman). The Seljuk Empire in Anatolia collapsed in the late thirteenth century, which led to it being divided into many states. Sogut was one of the states and its founder was Ertugrul. Osman was his son and it is after his death he took over and built the Ottoman Empire. The empire was grounded on the Islam religion. It was during the fourteenth century that he founded this empire originally known as Osmanli, but later through an evolution in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of the Ottoman Empire on Europe's and Turkey'S Essay.
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