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The Decline of the Ottoman Empire - Essay Example

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Decline of Ottoman Empire: Ottoman Empire makes up for one of the most important reign and political phenomena of the middle ages that started in the 13th Century A.D. The achievements of this Empire were not just limited to territorial gains, rather they had a sociological, psychological, religious and cultural impact on every part they conquered…
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The Decline of the Ottoman Empire
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"The Decline of the Ottoman Empire"

Download file to see previous pages This was as a result of internal issues as well as the external elements. The external elements came about in form of other civilizations, movements and powers that came along and posed challenges to the Ottoman Empire. The Western Imperialist expansions were one of those that contributed towards the decline of Ottoman Empire in a direct and indirect manner. The impact of Decline of Ottoman Empire: The result of Ottoman Empire’s decline was creation of vacuum in terms of authority, capacity and power possessed by a single Empire. For centuries Ottoman Empire held the reign firm and controlled the native regions under its grip effectively. With the gradual downfall, the question of stability, political replacement, and social substitution left much to be desired and a question to be addressed. This vacuum creation brought about unhealthy competition and race for the occupying of power seat in the region in order to maintain the say and influence in the region. The Empire was at peak during the days when it conquered the Constantinople and this marked the pinnacle of their achievements (Melton and Baumann, 2903). Root causes of decline of the Empire: The root causes were in form of political instability, internal intrigues, social disparity, nationalistic movements, alienation of the rulers from the people, external elements influence, awakening amongst the masses, Porte’s ambitious governors (Couto and Loureiro, 39) and various other factors that led to the disintegration and decay in a gradual manner. 1682 can be termed as a significant period in the history of Ottoman Empire when they suffered their first defeat. Economic aspect is also attributed as a factor that led to the downfall of the Empire. With no social equality, too much being spent in the wars and other military pursuits led to starvation and inflation in the social and economic ranks, ultimately leading to disparity and discontent amongst the masses and subjects spread far and wide. The negative impact of economy directly told upon the military expansions, investments and developments. With the other empires and ruling regimes building on the military might, the Ottoman Empire stayed behind with regard to military advancements. The advancements in technology over period of time and most notably the Europe region, made the cause and case further worse for the Ottoman Empire. The demise of one Sultan led to a battle for supremacy and attainment of the throne between the successors, this would result in the division of loyalties and eating up of the financial resources within. The role of Ambitious Governors: Mehmat Ali and Ibrahim Pasha were two of the governors appointed by the Porte to administer and govern over Egypt. They were highly ambitious in their motives and intentions. They would demand new terms and territories from the Porte time to Time. Syria, Pashalik and other regions were under their interest. This internal strife gave an opportunity to the foreign elements to intrude and make inroads in terms of their vested interests. France went in support of the war, Turkey in return had to fight a war with Russia in 1877 (Drury, 3)which further exposed and weakened the Empire’s say and influence in the region. Parts of continent Africa that were under the direct or indirect influence of the Porte also served as point and region of interest for the European Imperialistic and engaged them in rivalry with one another. Western ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Decline of the Ottoman Empire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
The Decline of the Ottoman Empire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
“The Decline of the Ottoman Empire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d.
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