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Paper also referred to as the Applied Learning Theory Paper - Case Study Example

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Applied Learning Theory Name: Degree program: Semester Year: Date: Introduction The three case studies in this report are reviewed as examples of applied learning theory in education. As Patricia P. Willems and Alyssa R. Gonzalez-DeHass describe in “Educational Psychology Casebook,” the classroom environment is a complex combination of psychological and social forces where discipline and education cannot be separated from effective classroom management by teachers…
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Case Study Paper also referred to as the Applied Learning Theory Paper
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Download file to see previous pages In Kounin’s ‘Teacher With-it-ness theory’, the teacher must balance all of these aspects of childhood personality development and social learning methods in order to be able to control and transform the tensions that appear in the classroom and school. In this manner, a combined approach that takes the best of these theories and applies them to education and classroom management as Patricia P. Willems and Alyssa R. Gonzalez-DeHass do in “Educational Psychology Casebook” can lead to a more efficient learning process for both the teacher and students in public education or private schools. Development - Case 19: Erikson’s Personality Development Statement of Problem: “To Belong or Not to Belong” Mr. Turner is a 10th grade teacher is a three-year high school with both male and female students. The students have no dress code or uniforms, and come from a wide variety of diverse social backgrounds. Mr. Turner has a “Goth” student in class who he identifies with in her inter-personal relationship struggles with other cliques in the school. Mr. Turner is not certain how to motivate the full range of his students or why they are not all preparing their assignments or completing the readings. He has a reputation of taking on large problems at the school and in teaching deep themes in English literature. Mr. Turner discusses the problems with the cliques with another teacher who advises him to take a more influential role in the character development of the students and to become more involved in building outreach to the community. Mr. Turner does not see the problem involving a wider solution outside of the classroom. Analysis: In Erik Erikson’s theory of human development, the girls are in the adolescent stage representative of Erikson’s 5th stage of personality development representing ‘Identity’ and ‘Identity Conflicts ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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