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Education - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Impact of Sociological Theories on Education Name of student: Lecturer: Date of Presentation: Introduction Sociologists have different views regarding the purpose of social institutions such as education in a social system. Sociologists and educators thus often argue about the purpose of education in society and their views can be explained using three main theories; namely functionalism theory, conflict theory, and the symbolic interaction theory…
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Download file to see previous pages... The social institutions thus work together unconsciously towards achievement of social equilibrium. The conflict theory based on the ideas of Karl Marx on the other hand, argue that the society is comprised of different groups and interests competing for power and resources resulting in inequalities between classes and class struggles in an attempt to maintain balance. In any social institution such as education, there exist two classes of people who are often in conflict such as the students and teachers. The symbolic interaction theory is based on the ideas of Max Weber and George Mead and it studies human actions rather than social systems. The thus believe that humans shape their social world rather than be shaped by it hence life is like role-playing in a theatre. Its focus according to Johnson (2008) is on observable interactions and not structural relationships that involve social institutions. ...
No human beings are able to continue suitably without education. Education has manifest functions as well as latent functions which enable individuals to become useful members of society. According to Layton (1997) the manifest functions are the recognized and intended consequences of education such as good grades and employment whereas latent functions are the unrecognized and unintended consequences such as extra-curricular activities and meeting new people. However, there may also be some social dysfunctions that result in undesirable consequences that disrupt operations of the society such as when students do not get good grades and consequently lack good jobs. This may result in problems for the society such as crime and other vices. According to Gordon (1990), to understand the education system we must consider how it functions to contribute to the healthy maintenance of the whole social system. Talcott Parsons indicated that a social system has four basic functions: adaptation, goal attainment, integration and pattern maintenance. The society must solve these problems in order to survive and therefore any social institution is expected to contribute towards meeting these functions. One of the functions carried out by education in maintaining the social system is pattern maintenance. Educational institutions help in maintaining the values of society by socializing students and transmitting values on them. Individuals are constrained by the norms and values present in the institutions which are dictated by society thus maintaining harmony. For example, in individualistic nations such as America, students are taught to be independent by performing individual work and being graded according to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Since education is the first stepping stone to success, all societies must ensure that their education system is providing quality education which is beneficial to the child. This can only be reality if a proper system which ensures equal education to all is implemented.
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It has therefore become necessary for many institutions to adopt different forms of information technology to ensure that their students are able to access a wide variety of information that can be used for their academic development. In addition, because of the growing demand for the use of IT in many institutions of learning, there has developed a wide interest in the production of this technology by many companies with the specific aim of ensuring that they are dominant in the market.
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If you have not been enrolled in school continuously since high school graduation, please indicate how you have spent your time. Deliberating on which university I should consider applying to is one of the most significant decisions I ever have to make. Recognizing that the choice of university will largely determine the quality of education that I will be attaining, I strive to choose one which will provide the most fertile ground for my growth and excellence as I am very concerned about my career and future.
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Years gone by, education was not as important as it is in the contemporary society. In line with this, it is crucial to point out that one of the reasons that the current advancements in medicine and technology were not possible in the past was due to the value that people attached on education.
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Education cove letter
he best quality education to your students, as well as providing opportunities for educators like me in realizing our potentials in upholding our desires for teaching. As attached in my resume, I have recently gained my Associate Degree in Education major in Child Development.
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