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Sociological Theory Portfolio - Essay Example

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Date Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 What is sociological theory? 2 Why Study Sociological Theory 3 Why Sociological Theory Doesn’t Work 5 Analyzing one day of my life through the Eyes of Max Weber 6 Analyzing my Big Fat Greek Wedding in relation to Feminist theory 8 Self reflection 10 How Social Theory Can Be Used To Improve Lives Socially, Culturally and Politically 11 Works Cited 12 SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY PORTFOLIO What is sociological theory?…
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Sociological Theory Portfolio
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Download file to see previous pages The term sociological theory has been defined by different scholars in different social contexts. In general, sociological theory is designed to interpret and define the social nature as well as several contexts of social actions. Social nature and social actions are explained in terms of the prevailing social propositions, assertions and assumptions. Sociological theories have been undergoing significant changes over time (Bronner and Douglas 240). This has been facilitated by changes in social setups as well as advancement in civilization and industrialization. Emerging sociological scholars have tried to come up with sociological theories that fit the changing society. Although sociological theories are taken to be the modification of white people, it has impact and meaning to the entire social world. Sociological theory tries to explain various structures, activities, beliefs, and actions in a society. It also explains the changes which have taken place in a society over time. It is through the sociological theory that we understand how changes in the society developed and its impact to the modern society. Since sociological theories are meant to explain and analyze the changes in the society it helps in defining the factors that leads to changes in the society. It also helps in predicting the outcome of any social change. Changes in the society have contributed greatly to changes in sociological theory. Toward this end, sociological theory can be said to explain the changes in the society. Sociological theory is therefore very paramount in explaining social, economic and political changes in the society. Sociological theories make meaning when they are translated to a certain event or activity. The explanation of a sociological theory in relation to social changes is what explains their meaning. Sociological theory defines the tools which are relevant in explaining the happening in the surrounding society. The surrounding is always unclear without the contribution of sociological theory. The sociological tools in sociological theory give the society members an idea to explain phenomena in the society. Sociological theories are also known to explain the changes in modern contemporary society. The prevailing problem and characteristics of modern society has its explanation in sociological theory. Sociological theory also detects and gives an explanation of the benefits and dangers associated with modern social changes. Some of the social and economic changes which can be explained by the prevailing social changes include modern capitalist, the distribution of democratic ideals, bureaucratic organization, new form of social cohesion, and the modern nation states. There dilemma fronting this changes get their meaning from sociological theory. Why Study Sociological Theory Sociological theory is an important aspect in the society. Knowledge on sociological theory helps the society in explaining the happening in the society. Different events in a society can better be understood through prior knowledge of the variables behind an event. As observed every phenomenon in the society has a theoretical explanation. On the other hand, society members attempt to relate the events in the society with their inward perception. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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