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Competitive position and performance of Soft Drinks Industry 03082 - Essay Example

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The overall analysis of the soft drink industry has examined the competitive performance of three major organisations such as Nichols Plc, A. G. Barr Plc…
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Competitive position and performance of Soft Drinks Industry 03082
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Download file to see previous pages The discussion has provided a clear image about the organisations and their last five years financial performances. It has evaluated the non-financial performances to assess the future performance of the organisations. The study has provided essential recommendations for the organisations to improve their future performance.
The soft drink market is the highly growing industry sectors of the UK with 44.8% market share. In comparison to 2013, the overall consumption of different soft drink brands within the UK has witnessed a modest increase of 0.9%. Approximately 48% of consumers in the UK prefer different brands of carbonated soft drink rather than other beverages. Over 37% of the household of the UK are replacing alcoholic beverages with the carbonated soft drink during their meal time (Ford, 2014). The UK soft drink market consists of wide range of product options such as carbonated drinks, flavoured juices, ready-to-drink beverages, packaged drinking water and energy drinks (British Soft Drink Association. 2014). The carbonated soft drink (CDS) market possesses the largest portion, i.e. 50.3%, of the UK soft drink industry. The major players of the UK CDS sector include Britvic Plc., Nichols Plc. and A. G. Barr Plc. which own respectively 43%, 2% and 3% of the overall market share by revenue (British Soft Drink Association. 2013).
Though the market consists of a huge number of local organisations, it is still dominated by different international players such as Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo Inc (Steen and Ashurst, 2008). The range of soft drinks on the shelves of retail outlets is rapidly growing which is giving people a wider choice than ever. Therefore, this situation has fuelled fierce competition within the local brands to secure a competitive position within the UK market. The strong competition in the market is also influencing the major local players to indulge in different research ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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