The application of balanced scorecard in the performance evaluation of higher education - Essay Example

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In this case, the BSC prioritizes transparency financial management and quality customer services perspectives. In this case, a complete set of PMIs can be implemented…
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The application of balanced scorecard in the performance evaluation of higher education
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Extract of sample "The application of balanced scorecard in the performance evaluation of higher education"

Summary of case study Primarily, mission and vision of s of higher learning have been identified as the best BSC method. In this case, the BSC prioritizes transparency financial management and quality customer services perspectives. In this case, a complete set of PMIs can be implemented to enhance accountability in the entire system. The case study identifies key factors that enhance prosperity in colleges and universities:
self-enrichment among the staff
organizational coherence
proper targeting
guided performance and
clear vision and mission.
Moreover, members of the staff should appreciate key positions and departments in the school. The study observes that Individual and departmental growth are key to enhancing the school operation performance.
The case study has also been able to demonstrate that proper performance management coupled with correct budgetary system are suitable ingredients for excellent staff in higher learning institutions.
In the case of non-profit organizations, the BSC lays huge emphasis on customer satisfaction and therefore a priority is given in all matters regarding to customer services. in organizations where a financial crisis is a daily affair, their BSC prioritized financial perspective. Focusing on different prioritization perspective of BSC, organizations have an opportunity to allocate resources appropriately with minimal wastage or fraud. The study case has also provided a platform for non-profit organizations to measure how they perform. In this, performance measure indicators (PMIs)are applied as indicators of efficiency. Again, different definition of PMIs can be adopted to fit the objectives of the business. In case of institutions of higher learning, “student/staff ratio” and “Ph.D ratio” PMIs are appropriate. For manufacturing concern, “customer satisfaction” is applicable while “service delivery” PMIs works with non-profit organization.
Though implementation of the BSC has not been effected in Taiwan and other developing countries, America and Europe are already reaping its benefits. BSC is yet to gain momentum and relevant in third world countries. However, this study has clearly demonstrated that BSC can be instrumental in delivering positive changes in strategic and performance management in higher learning institutions. Furthermore, the study has recommended that senior management and supervisors must fully support the implementation of system managing tools, otherwise they are destined to failure. In conclusion, institutions should me motivated by their vision and mission so that they are run like any other business where efficiency is highly emphasized.
Bryant, T. (2009). Principles and practices of managements : NY Scholars Press Read More
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