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The reporter's name is Mitchel Ledven, currently a senior student in Cresskill High school, New Jersey. He understands that hard work, dedication, and commitment are just part of the assortment of the success algorithm. He also understand that being outstanding would require an extra effort…
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My name is Mitchel Ledven, currently a senior student in Cresskill High school, New Jersey. I understand that hard work, dedication, and commitment are just part of the assortment of the success algorithm. I also understand that being outstanding would require an extra effort that would not only help me stand out from the rest, but also give me a cutting edge as far as my lifetime goals and challenges are concerned.
Education is very important to me, and to encapsulate this into as few words as possible, I intend to soar as high as I would. Fundamentally, I try to integrate my academic endeavors with extracurricular activities. I set my goals reasonably high and work towards them by complementing my classroom activities with outdoor activities. My ultimate goal is to one day, work as an investment banker in Wall Street, New York City.
I am caring, responsible, ambitious, and dedicated, as already implied. I also implied that my out-of-classroom activities are just as important. As such, I volunteered at the Jewish club in school, to help the elderly. During my summers, I was a lifeguard besides being a member of the investment club and the entrepreneurship in school. I intend to increase my chances of achieving these goals, bearing in mind the many challenges that I am likely to come across.
Joining the University of Texas Austin for a business major would be fundamental for the realization of my dreams. This why it is my sincere wish that my application is considered, because then, I would have a coveted opportunity to put in my best. Read More
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