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Education College - Personal Statement Example

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Not from theories, but it is from personal life I master true leadership skills. Actually my parents reached this country as immigrants with hardly any education. I was their first child and therefore was supposed to find the answers to their questions and concerns…
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Education College Personal Statement
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Extract of sample "Education College"

HOW LIFE TEACHES ONE MANAGEMENT Not from theories, but it is from personal life I master true leadership skills. Actually my parents reached this country as immigrants with hardly any education. I was their first child and therefore was supposed to find the answers to their questions and concerns. Spanish was my first language and I needed to attend bilingual classes in elementary level so as to make it possible to follow English classes. From childhood onwards it is I who lead my family in taking decisions as for them it was difficult for them to opt from different alternatives due to language problem. Besides, I could encourage my parents to save money by having a 401K.
At work, I am always seeking ways to be creative to streamline my reporting. For example, I support the sales group and I tried to view expense reports in detail because I needed to fulfill my business partner's needs. It was quite sure for me that someone in corporate would be able to provide me with the data I was requesting. I contacted corporate and after talking to several departments I was able to obtain the report that was needed. I am persistent and won't stop enquiry until getting the answer.
My parents motivate me when it comes down to education. They are not educated and my form of paying them back is to continue my education. Thanks to my parents as they gave me chance to continue in a country that provides me facilities to advance my education. This country offers me enough opportunities to continue my education regardless of age, gender and ethnicity. I am the first generation of my family living in the United that has earned a college degree and hopefully I will also be the first one obtaining a masters degree.
If admitted to the program, I will bring with me my enthusiasm, dedication, and stalwart work ethics. I am proud of what I have accomplished till this moment in my life and see much of it as a stepping stone towards a successful future in the business world. I now need to expand my skill set beyond its current level and see the curriculum offered at Pepperdine University as the most suitable one. Read More
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Education College Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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