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: Career and Educational Goals and Objectives - Personal Statement Example

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Besides passion and ambition, it is very imperative that an individual acquires education to ensure effective transformation of one’s dreams into reality. For this reason, I graduated from Temple University in the year 2008 by acquiring a bachelor degree in nursing that created a theoretical basis. …
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Personal Statement: Career and Educational Goals and Objectives
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Download file to see previous pages To be a great nurse, one has to endeavor beyond the material of a textbook. With every patient, there comes a new experience an opportunity of learning new things, and most importantly, a new responsibility to bring a positive change in someone’s life that is something, which I would always like to preserve and maintain in my life through this career of nursing. During my work at different healthcare units, I have been fortunate to develop my skill of staying calm in stressful situations that is one of the major requisite of becoming a great nurse. Although I have an altruistic and emotional personality, however, I have been successful in molding my weakness into strengths by staying tolerant and at the same time, caring in emergencies that have enabled me to become one of the best nurses in the field.
During all these experiences at healthcare facilities, I came across strangers helping each other that were quite similar to my memories from the childhood where people used to help each other in the community. It requires great determination, mental steadiness, and spiritual power to go through the process of nursing every other day, and I believe that I possess all such qualities that support me in listening to needs of patients and most importantly, understanding them properly that is usually the most important phase of the nursing process. Although I have been successful in my career, still I believe that an individual should continue the process of learning and education until the very end, and that has been the major reason of applying in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at your reputable nursing school. It is my firm belief that if given the opportunity, I will continue to follow my dream of strengthening my relationship with God by becoming the reason of a difference in many lives through my confidence, desire, passion, and altruistic personality. I have carried out extensive research regarding the offered program at your reputable institution, and I have acquired incredible passion to be a part of it due to the upright faculty and efficient educational facilities that will make my journey of lifelong learning into a memorable experience. However, I understand that this phase will not be an easy one and it will be requiring many efforts. For this reason, I am immeasurably confident to confront challenges and fulfill my goals and objectives through efficient educational discourse and appropriate academic direction, which makes me a potential candidate for the Masters program at your reputable educational institution. Since childhood until now, I have managed my responsibilities of family, work, and education in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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