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What Makes Role Play Essential in Kid's Development - Case Study Example

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The study "What Makes Role Play Essential in Kid's Development" focuses on play conversations of children in Key Stage 1 and how they influence the individuals for the rest of their lives. 
The interactions of children with same-age peers during Key Stage 1 appear to enhance social development separately of interactions with the parents. …
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What Makes Role Play Essential in Kids Development
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Extract of sample "What Makes Role Play Essential in Kid's Development"

Download file to see previous pages Grown-ups habitually recognize, directly after meeting someone, what form of communication is about to take place, and what the limitations restricting the communication will be (Sutton-Smith & Ariel, 2002). Because role-play conversation takes place in a fantasy, staged world, it is less hampered by physical and social reality.
Between the ages of 5 and 7, children gain a broad array of social and cognitive abilities (Amsel & Byrnes, 2002). Psychologists have discovered that these are formative years for the growth of mind theories, the growth of the ability to construct and represent stories, the growth of social cognition, the growth of the personality, the growth of advanced fantasy play, and the growth of intersubjectivity (Amsel & Byrnes, 2002). This present study will focus on play conversations of children in Key Stage 1. Conversational skills are vital elements of numerous of the abilities gained during this stage, specifically fantasy play, intersubjectivity, social cognition, and narrative representation (Cross, 2004).
The interactions of children with same-age peers during Key Stage 1 appear to enhance social development separately of interactions with the parents. Several studies report that children learn several skills better with peers than with their parents (Cross, 2004). Playing with peers seems to be more spontaneous and creative than playing with parents, and to include a more advanced combination of creative techniques. Playing with peers is different from playing with grown-ups in several ways (Sutton-Smith & Ariel, 2002). The most apparent unique feature of peer play is the coequal position of the participants (Sawyer, 1997). One of the scholars who promoted this assumption most convincingly is Hartup (1979 as cited in Sawyer, 1997), who emphasized two distinguishing components in peer interaction: “the egalitarian nature of the interaction between children of similar ability, and the relative lack of constraints on interaction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Makes Role Play Essential in Kid's Development Case Study.
(What Makes Role Play Essential in Kid'S Development Case Study)
What Makes Role Play Essential in Kid'S Development Case Study.
“What Makes Role Play Essential in Kid'S Development Case Study”.
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