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We are free to say without any hesitation that soccer is a world’s game. With all the entourage and the game itself millions of people around the globe are passionate fans dedicating their lives to…
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Download file to see previous pages One way or another you have to be totally involved to watch the game and live with it. It is a matter of fact that at least 80 percent of fans are good players. Many people consider simplicity to be the fundamental of soccer popularity, even if you see the game for the very first time you can figure out this game’s manner. But alongside with its simplicity, soccer is a game of great skill and strategy. If we take a look at the crowd, watching the game at the stadium, we would admit that regardless of the age, race or religion they become equal, wearing their teams replica’s shirts or scarves, chanting and supporting their team.
The object of the game of soccer is to move the ball across the field and to drive a ball right into an opposing team’s goal and to score a point as a result. There are eleven players in each team playing on a rectangular field and apparently the team that scores the most points is a winner. It is almost impossible to list every existing aspect of the game and each country where soccer is played. Soccer has its interpretation of game culture, own kinesics as a body language of communication between the team players.
As the game of contradictions soccer implies development of skill and endurance. You will hardly ever be able to play the ball and perform difficult techniques without training to do so. There are many characteristics a player should gain in order to succeed. Training of strength and endurance is essential feature. Soccer is a game of confidence, reaction and rhythm, thus developing speed, power and agility is important. You have to be flexible in order to warm up or cool down when the situation requires.
Soccer game requires proper equipment to increase player’s effectiveness and safety. Shoes with spikes on the bottom are special feature that increases ability to stay on player’s feet and provide a better traction on grass. Socks are very long and sometimes a player has to buy them on his own but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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