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Intrinsic values of nature exist without the consciousness of human beings. Such intrinsic values of nature exist for the general well…
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Intrinsic Value of Nature
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Intrinsic Values of Nature al Affiliation Intrinsic Values of Nature Intrinsic values of nature refer to the values that in no monetary value cannot be appended since they are unquantifiable (Palmer, 1994/2012). Intrinsic values of nature exist without the consciousness of human beings. Such intrinsic values of nature exist for the general well being of nature and human beings may have no influence in them whatsoever. Intrinsic values are values ingrained in the nature itself. This means that such values do not depend on the usefulness of such nature. Such values exist outside the human experience and are non-subjective of human consciousness (Rolston, 1998/2012). This means that such values are independent of human feelings. Such values are considered objective but not subjective in nature. Such values cannot be directly derived from nature neither can they be appended a definite value with regards to monetary issues.
It is of critical importance to acknowledge the fact that nature has intrinsic values. The intrinsic values of nature may be evident from some of the services that nature performs to the environment. For instance, one of the intrinsic values of nature involves air purification. This is one of the direct services that nature does for its own sake and is not subjective on the feelings, consciousness as well as influence of human beings (Palmer, 1994/2012). In addition, it is difficult to append monetary value to such issues concerning air purification by nature. This follows that such services are unquantifiable and are intrinsic (Rolston, 1998/2012). Nature purifies air through absorption of dust particles as well as other elements that may lead to atmospheric pollution. These may include the fumes and gases released from industrial actions. The absorption of such pollutants from the atmosphere cannot be appended definite monetary values. However, such values are intrinsic to nature. In addition, nature also contributes to purification of air through sequestration of carbon and ozone layer depletants like sulphur compounds. This is beneficial to human beings since it minimizes chances of having acid rains and respiratory diseases.
Climate regulation is another intrinsic value of nature. Nature regulates climate in a number of ways. nature does this on its own and does not depend on the consciousness of human beings. However, in order to effectively discharge this service, nature only needs enabling natural conditions referred to by Rolston as the “positive creativity” in his concept of intrinsic value of nature (Rolston, 1998/2012). The issue of climate regulation is intrinsic to nature. Therefore, no monetary value can be appended to it by human beings. Such services exist for the nature’s own sake but is not a factor of human involvement. Such cervices cannot be directly derived from the nature by human beings. However, they are also beneficial to human beings. The issue of climate regulation as a service may be a factor of hydrological system regulation. Nature may influence the process of water cycle thereby leading to availability of water for use for all living organisms. This service exists for the sake of nature thus confirming the existence of intrinsic values of nature (Palmer, 1994/2012).
The other intrinsic value of nature involves decomposition of environmental wastes (Rolston, 1998/2012). This service is intrinsic since it happens for the sake of the nature. Natural decomposition of environmental wastes is important to both nature and living things. This is because such wastes may always contribute to adding fertility to the environment thereby enabling for soil enrichment and healthy growth of vegetation. Such wastes may also present major health risks to human beings. Thus, decomposition of such wastes is both beneficial to nature and living organisms. However, the process of decomposition is intrinsic to nature. It happens without consideration of human feelings or consciousness. In addition, monetary values cannot be appended to such process emanating from intrinsic values of nature.
Palmer, C. (2012). An overview of environmental ethics. In L.P. Pojman & P. Pojman (Eds.), Environmental ethics: Readings in theory and application, (6th ed., pp. 10-35). Boston, MA: Wadsworth, Inc. (Reprinted from Studies in Christian Ethics, 7 (1994)).
Rolston, H. (2012). Naturalizing values: Organisms and species. In L.P. Pojman & P. Pojman (Eds.), Environmental ethics: Readings in theory and application, (6th ed., pp. 105-119). Boston, MA: Wadsworth, Inc. (Reprinted from Environmental ethics: Readings in theory and application, (1998) Read More
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Intrinsic Value of Nature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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