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Jean-Marie Dudillieu's Art - Research Paper Example

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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Jean-Marie Dudillieu's Art Since historical times, art has been employed by various individuals as a medium through which a host of ideas are communicated to the audience. Seemingly, insightful and educative information has been relayed through this medium…
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Jean-Marie Dudillieus Art
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Download file to see previous pages Nonetheless, there are certain artists that have employed this important platform for their individual selfish gains. Related trends contribute significantly to the erosion of the value that was initially accorded to this sphere of specification. In essence, most art works have been reduced to mere objects and figures that lack any underlying symbolism. One artist whose work has been outstanding through time is Jean-Marie Dudillieu. In French history, his artwork had defied all odds and remains strikingly informative. It is in this regard that this paper provides an in depth review of his pieces of art. To begin with, the photographs of his artworks portray an element of appreciation of life. Notably, he acknowledges each and every being that is alive. This is fundamental in artwork because of the fact that life is elemental in sustenance of the discipline. Seemingly, a significant percentage of his artworks revolve around the components of living such as plants, animals and insects. The manner in which he presents them clearly indicates that they inspire him in different ways. This implies that Jean-Marie looks beyond the physical aspects of plants and animals and appreciates them for the contribution that they make to life. In other words, he values the intrinsic worth that characterizes these aspects of life. This is morally acceptable and contributes significantly to nurturing of critical social values. Additionally, an element of symbolism is apparent. According to Little, this forms the basement upon which artistic values are anchored (Little 65). The aspect of dualism that accredits the work of renowned artists is also evident in the works of Jean-Marie. Apart from portraying life, it cannot be disputed that the artist clearly communicates his feelings as well as attitudes towards the objects that are presented in the paintings. This is clear in his choice of color and employment of other critical artistic elements such as ambience, lines, depth and so forth. His feelings for instance are particularly portrayed through his use of color and depth. From an artistic point of view, Little ascertains that employment of bright colors is a demonstration of contentment and pleasure (Little 77). Arguably, Jean-Marie is delighted and inspired in a positive way by nature. Being able to clearly demonstrate his feelings in art is a demonstration of acceptable standards of expertise. Yet despite incorporating the above mentioned factors in his art works, the artist still maintains the natural being of the animals and plants. This implies that he appreciates nature for what it is and does not manipulate it for his personal interests. As indicated earlier, the value and credibility of art is greatly being compromised by the unbecoming tendencies of selfish artists. In particular, artists manipulate art for their selfish interests. Current trends ascertain that minimal attention is placed on the critical aspects of symbolism that art is supposed to underscore (Little 82). Therefore, the efforts made by Jean-Marie to incorporate all important aspects and still have respect for the intrinsic value of nature cannot be underestimated. His artworks also indicate that the author loves nature, flowers, life, fruits and a host of other objects that he paints. Through these, he communicates important information that is educative and insightful to his audience. For instance, it cannot be disputed that the element of nature conservation is apparent in the paintings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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