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Floods are being experienced in the coastal regions, and droughts are facing many regions of the world.
The issue and effects of global…
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Week Four LT Assignment
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Climate Change and Global Warming Rise and fall of the Global Temperatures Topic: Climate Change and Global Warming
Objective: To inform the general public and policymakers that global warming and climate change pose a great threat to survival on earth for humans, animals and the natural ecosystem.
Thesis Statement: To explore the effects, causes and consequences of global warming and share the results with the public.
Preview: Today grasslands and woodlands are decreasing rapidly, industrial emissions are increasing and the energy consumption is very high. Floods are being experienced in the coastal regions, and droughts are facing many regions of the world.
Transition: Let’s begin by having an overlook on global warming. To develop a deeper understanding on the subject so as to form the basis of future solutions to the problem of climate change.
1. Global warming is the gradual increase of earthly temperatures mainly due to human activities.
a. It is characterized by the presence of huge amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
i. Nowadays the release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere has increased tremendously.
ii. The carbon dioxide acts as an insulator by trapping heat preventing it from escaping from the earth atmosphere.
b. These carbon pollutants deplete the ozone layer.
i. The result of these is that it allows more ultraviolet radiation to reach the Earth surface.
c. There is needed to take action to amend this problem. If prevention strategies are not done the outcomes will be devastating and disastrous.
i. There could be drastic changes on the climate.
Regions affected by drought would increase.
Regions could experience more severe storms.
Sea levels could rise causing flooding in coastal regions.
ii. It will cause serious health problems.
Skin cancer cases would increase.
More cases of cataracts.
The heat waves could damage the immune system.
Transition: This introduction enlightens people on the significance of global warming. Let’s now explore the major causes of global warming.
2. There could be a reduction in the area covered by woodlands and grasslands.
a. Cutting trees contributes to the reduction.
b. The size lost is approximately a football sized pitch per second.
c. Burning contributes to an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
3. Emissions from industries accelerate the rate of global warming.
a. This cause a phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect.
i. There is an increase in greenhouses gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere that traps heat.
ii. The GHGs are as a result of burning fuels, and fossil fuels. Gases emitted during industrial processes.
b. There is hope for the future.
i. There are measures taken to cut the amount of GHGs released.
ii. Companies are showing collaboration to fight climate change.
iii. Governments are formulating policies to curb climate change.
4. Human energy consumption is also a major contributor to global warming.
i. The consumption of energy is the sole largest cause of global warming.
Burning of fossil fuels.
Energy used for transportation activities such as air, land, etc.
Energy used at homes is quite high for activities such as cooking, heating and cooling equipments.
Transition: What are the possible steps to reduce effects of global warming?
5. Prevention and control of global warming is a human responsibility.
i. Reduce or stop the burning of fossil fuels, by sourcing for alternatives sources of energy. i.e. wind power, solar panels, transport means, energy efficient vehicles.
ii. Avoid deforestation and plant more trees.
iii. Implement policies that will regulate industries to reduce their industrial emissions.
iv. Use adaptation and mitigation strategies to anticipate for some of the effects of global warming.
The issue and effects of global warming surround us every day. There is a constant disappearance of the forests from activities such as deforestation; one can easily see industrial smokes rising up the sky; the exhaust fumes released from vehicles. All these are day to day causes of global warming. The opportune time to act is now before the situation escalates.
Huang, C., Barnett, A.G., Zhiwei, X., Cordia, C., Xiaoming, W., Turner, L.R., & Shilu, T. (2013). Managing the health effects of temperature in response to climate change: challenges ahead. Environmental Health Perspectives, 121 (4), 415-9.
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Week Four LT Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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