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Business Management in Nursing - Assignment Example

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Syllabus for Business management in Nursing Institution Abstract Business Management in Nursing (BMN) is aimed at preparing students to meet the changing business management expectation of the present health service systems. The healthcare industry is currently changing at a much greater pace together with the role of the registered nurses…
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Business Management in Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages Being a business, the nurses are expected to put in effort to the achievement of that business’s objectives using effective staff and financial management resources. It is for this reason that Business management in Nursing is being offered; to empower nurses to be effective in managing the business aspect of nursing. This paper develops a syllabus for Business management in Nursing. Keywords: learner, nursing, business management Syllabus for Business Management in Nursing Instructor: Office: Office Hours: Contact Hours: Semester, Year: Telephone: E-Mail: Course Information 1. Course Description This is course is aimed at preparing students to meet the changing business management expectation of the present health care services. The students shall also learn about the changing trends in healthcare industry, the changing roles of nurses from bedside practice to middle management and the business aspect of healthcare in general. Students shall also learn of how the nurses can contribute to the success of the healthcare business using effective staff and financial management resources. 2. Course Content The following key topics shall be covered in this course; Management functions and decision making in which case topics under management like planning, staffing, directing, organizing and controlling shall be covered. In addition managerial roles like, decisional, informational, and interpersonal that assist in decision making shall also be covered. In addition the fourteen principles of management as put forward by Henry Fayol shall also be covered and how they are applicable in nursing. Employee and Healthcare organizational development in which case issues like change-management plan, organizational problem identification and resolution, behavioral-science knowledge, organizational behavior, linear and holistic organizational development, and the business management code of ethics shall be covered. Staff and Financial Resource Management in which case sub topics like budgeting and finance, human resource management, procurement, whole-school engagement to resource allocation, and an in-depth understanding and interpretation of financial statement information shall be covered. 3. Methods of Instruction The instructor will make use of case studies, lecturers, videos, student experiences and responses, guest speakers and questions and exercises from main reading materials. Student Outcomes and Expected Competencies 1. Competencies Students taking this course should have done BBM 101 (Principles of Business Management) and BNM 204 (Nursing Management). 2. Student Outcomes By taking this course, the learner should have the ability to; Display knowledge of the changing trends in nursing healthcare by; clearly examining and understanding the changing roles of nurses from bedside practitioners to middle management level managers; clearly interpreting the changing perspective of the health industry in which the health care practice is viewed as business and the nurses are required to manage that business well; clearly demonstrating that he or she can apply the knowledge obtained about business management In the nursing perspective. Apply the five management functions of planning, controlling, staffing, organizing and directing to the nursing practice efficiently. Exhibit a strong business knowledge and orientation in the healthcare industry. Design organizational system to solve practical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Business Management in Nursing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Business Management in Nursing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Business Management in Nursing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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