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Nursing Management Name Institution Nursing Management 1. Define organizational climate and relate its impact on performance. Hall (2005) argues that an organization’s climate include the general dimensions of the organization’s environment such as role, leadership, communication, ethics and safety…
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Nursing management
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, it is the perception of members in relation to the features of an organization like decision-making, leadership, and ethics at work. Hall (2005) notes that an organizational has a lot of impact on nurses’ achievements. For instance, there is evidence is links the organizational climate to the behavior, motivation and attitudes of clinicians. The orientations and behaviors can in turn affect the quality process and clinical outcome with regard to performance. Stone et al. (2010) note that studies within and outside the healthcare sector reveal that employees experience greater job satisfaction, and less stress, and burden when working under organizational climates that have empowering and supportive leaders, and structured organizational arrangements, and positive groups. In addition, employees’ satisfaction and commitments to their work have been found to reduce turnover and absenteeism. These findings have valuable implications for clinicians and healthcare centre managements. For instance, stable health care environments that empower and support nurses are more likely to boost nursing staff satisfaction and commitment. ...
Based on Toffler's description of the reasons for generational differences, propose an approach for stabilizing the conflict. Generational differences at the workplace are one aspect that causes a lot of concern between the young and the old. However, Toffler argues that all generations irrespective of age, have similar values, it is only that they express these in different ways. As such, there is no need for these differences since both the old and the young have responsibilities to play at the workplace. Toffler proposes a number of ways by which the two different generations can stabilize and eliminate the conflicts between them. Firstly, he argues that everyone irrespective of age wants respect. Therefore, it is important that the two generations respect one another as this will help stop antagonism between them (Deal and Center for Creative Leadership, 2007). Secondly, the two generations should develop mutual trust between each another without one side despising the other. Both the old and young nurses should trust one another at the work place irrespective of the level of experience that one has. This will help mitigate the conflict between the two groups. Deal and Center for Creative Leadership (2007) note that intergenerational conflicts are exaggerated by organizational politics. It is, therefore, important that the nurses, old or young, refrain from engaging in divisive politics as this only increases the rift between the two generations. This will see a reduction in conflicts between nurses from the two divergent generations. 3. During a floor meeting, the head nurse on a unit explains to the staff that evaluations are going to be late because she had to take a fill in for the unit secretary, who was on vacation for a week, and then had to take a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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