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Nursing Informatic Job Roles - Coursework Example

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Nursing Informatics Name:  Institution:       Nursing Informatics Introduction Nursing informatics (NI) denotes the scientific field of medical studies concerned with acquiring, storing, communicating, managing, disseminating and processing data into usable information…
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Nursing Informatic Job Roles
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Download file to see previous pages This integration is meant to enhance communication, management and expansion of knowledge, information, wisdom and data within the nursing practice (Bickford, 2009). Nursing informatics development can partly be attributed to the developments in the computer world whose applications have pervaded the whole medical field continuum. Computer application in knowledge management is currently applicable in clinical practice, nursing research and nursing education (Anderson et al., 2012). The recognition of the importance of NI led to the development of certification of nurses specializing in NI from 2005. The NI nurses have led to better patient outcomes through the application of their expertise in information technologies, structures and processes. This has helped other medical providers and nursing and medical practitioners in creating evidence-based practice and a clear record of practice that facilitates research, decision-making and policy development (Anderson et al., 2012). This paper critically reviews three nursing informatics job advertisements to determine whether the job descriptions are in line with the NI scope of operation, functional area definition and standards of practice. It is an analytical review aimed at determining whether the jobs have the right designation, which should take consideration of all elements of the nursing informatics field. ...
ob Requirement Summaries Descriptive Details Job One Job Two Job Three Job Title -Nurse Informatics -Nursing Informaticist -Clinical Informatics Supervisor Academic Qualifications -Bachelors degree (BSN). -Information system courses. -Bachelors degree (BSN). -Bachelors degree (BSN). -NI Certification by “American Nursing Credentialing Centre” (ANCC). Competencies & skills. -Computer skills. -Customer service skills. -Communication skills. - (missing). -Knowledge on computer applications and documentation. - Experience -1 year teaching or administrative role. -2 years in a clinical role with systems application. -5 years clinical nursing experience. -3-4 years’ experience in clinical nursing. -2 years’ experience in nursing staff education. -5 years’ experience in acute care set up. -Healthcare information systems’ knowledge. -Experience in NI. Job Type -Full time -Full time -Regular/Full time Other Requirements -RN Licensure -RN licensure -RN licensure -Membership in relevant nursing body. Job Descriptions Job One Create liaison with the medical staff, nursing practitioners, house staff and other care sectors in order to plan, design, develop, implement, maintain and evaluate electronic medical records and systems. Analyze structural processes and clinical operations in a manner that facilitates development of decision-making structures relating to clinical systems. Determine clinical processes that deserve computerization using clinical practice experience and knowledge. Ensure compliance of information systems with regulations and standards of practice. Assist with data analysis, quality assessment and design workflow and CKI. Job Two Change work culture related to technology implementation. Provide technological support in clinical information system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing Informatic Job Roles Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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