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Should Plastic Bags Be Banned by Galbraith - Article Example

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The paper "Should Plastic Bags Be Banned?” by Galbraith" reflects a search for a compromise between supporters and opponents of such a ban. the former operate on environmental protection arguments, the latter believe anyone can decide for himself - to buy an expensive eco bag or affordable plastic…
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Should Plastic Bags Be Banned by Galbraith
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Extract of sample "Should Plastic Bags Be Banned by Galbraith"

Download file to see previous pages Those in agreement with the proposition that plastic bags ought to be banned from grocery and retails stores base their arguments on the destructive nature these products have on the environment. They claim that the non-biodegradable nature of plastic bags causes pollution of the environment depending on the area of disposal. The synthetic materials used to manufacture plastic bags take an unusually long time to decompose; therefore, they end up polluting the environment by harming surrounding vegetation (Galbraith 1). For example, plastic bags disposed of in dumpsites produce contaminants while gradually decomposing, which prove harmful to the plants growing in the soil. These non-organic contaminants might prove fatal to the plants because of their toxic nature which sometimes cuts off the supply of oxygen to the plants. In the case of animals and human beings especially children, consumption of little pieces of plastic bags might lead to indigestion. In the worst case scenarios, unsupervised children face the risk of suffocating while playing with plastic bags. Therefore, manufacturers caution individuals to ensure they keep plastic bags in areas where children cannot access easily.
They further argue that plastic bags lead to the consumption of natural resources at an alarming rate. This is because manufacturers must continually search for extra raw materials from other countries to ensure they meet the high demand created by individuals who use plastic bags for grocery or retail shopping. This leads to the depletion of natural resources, which includes petroleum products. These petroleum products must be transported via a sea of which might pose other negative consequences if an accident occurs (Galbraith 1). Oil spillages in the sea result, in the death of aquatic plants and animals. This is because the oil floating on the water forms a non-porous film which cuts off the supply of air from aquatic life forms. The costs incurred in cleaning up oil spillages are also extremely large. For example, BP/Shell Petroleum Company filed for bankruptcy recently because of the astronomical costs incurred during the cleaning process of the oil spillage in the sea and the lawsuits filed against the company. In addition to the above negative effects, supporters of banning the use of plastic bags, further posit that these products destroy the aesthetic appearance of sceneries in which the disposal of the plastic bags occurs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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