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What would be the effects of banning the use of plastic bags - Essay Example

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In the modern era, plastic has proven to be both very necessary for human activities and business but also very harmful to the environment owing to its casual distribution and irresponsible disposal. Jerry Jonson discusses the myriad environmental issues that result from poor…
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What would be the effects of banning the use of plastic bags
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Download file to see previous pages He graphically describes the waste situation there points out to the message of boycotting plastic bags, which the locals have proposed. This engenders the extent to which these bags have been abused and misused in both the West and East (Manning 1874). Exposure to such information begs one to question the notion that plastic is indeed a necessary part of human existence.
Taking to account the environmental damage it portends one cannot help but to wonder if we would not be better off without it. In his discussion of Lynn offers several facts about, he offers numerous statistics about plastic that bring out the enormity of the situation. Apparently, over 50 percent of the plastic used in the US is simply thrown away to contribute to the pollution problem and Americans throw away more than 31 billion tons of plastic annually (Hasselberger). He proposes several solutions among which are rejecting single packaging where goods as singly packed in plastic instead or in one bag, alternatively people should seek options to the plastic packaging they use.
Blockstein, David (1988) in the Bioscience journal, explores another major con of plastics, which justifies regulation. This article detains the attempts of congress to reduce the problem of pollution, which has been found to negatively affect most wildlife directly, or indirectly more so marine animals as evinced by the fact that fishing nets often dredge up plastic waste (Blockstein 19). According to this article, over 3000 fur seals were killed by entanglement in plastic bags result in in suffocation and accounting for 15% mortality of the threatened species (Lockwood 18). It using plastic was banned; there would be a significant increase life expectancy of these and other young animals including sea birds and fish that tend to be negatively affected by the same.
However, although this would seem an ideal solution to the problem, a complete ban on plastic bags use and manufacture would not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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