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The Dangers of Plastic Bags - Essay Example

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The paper 'The Dangers of Plastic Bags' presents a plethora of dangers of the use of plastic bags. This paper will emphasize three main arguments on the hazards of our continued use of plastic bags and recommend at least one advantage of reducing to the point of terminating our use…
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The Dangers of Plastic Bags
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Extract of sample "The Dangers of Plastic Bags"

The second noteworthy facet was the insurmountable difference in the cost of recycling plastic bags and creating new bags. Jared Blumefeld noted that the cost of recycling is more that 125% the cost of creating new bags. Certainly, the government as well as private individuals cannot maintain the recycling drive for plastic bags at this ridiculous rate. If recycling then is not the answer what is?
The third feature emphasizes a glimmer of hope for the stoppage and subsequent eradication of the dangers of the use of plastic. The creators of the presentation suggest that we can stop the use of plastic bags and replace the plastic with cloth. Besides the obvious advantage of being particularly recyclable one individual utilizing one cloth bag can replace the use of 288 plastic bags in one year. Therefore if every member of the population utilized cloth instead of plastic there would be a phenomenal removal of the dangers of plastic consumption in our lives.
From the foregoing arguments one can conclude that the continued use of plastic bags are indeed detrimental to our lives as a consequence life as we know it today would be full of poison in the very near future unless we take the bull by the horn and make significant steps to removing the plastic from our daily lives. Thus, consistent with the findings as presented in the power point I recommend a complete 360 degrees turning from the use of plastic bags to a more positive alternative. Like the authors of this presentation I would like to reiterate the use of cloth instead of plastic and an outright ban of its use by the government. The author of this paper believes that in addition to the recommendations already made we as individuals and as a nation can plant trees to not only replenish the earth with positive substances but also to be used as material to create bags made of natural materials rather than synthetics. Indeed we can go GREEN and end the use of plastic before it ends up in our spleen. Read More
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(The Dangers of Plastic Bags Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 476 Words)
The Dangers of Plastic Bags Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 476 Words.
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