Plastic Grocery Bags- a curse for ecological stability - Essay Example

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The use of plastic grocery bags is harmful to the earth. It is a common sight everywhere irrespective of city and villages. The accumulated plastics remain in the places non-decayed. As it cannot be reused, it remains in mud and water creating a high rate of pollution. …
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Plastic Grocery Bags- a curse for ecological stability
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Plastic Grocery Bags- a curse for ecological stability Ladies and gentlemen, Let us not forget the noble works of Chief Seattle by whose the Seattle City is named after. The city, which cherished the noble deeds of Chief Seattle, is now standing at the brim of a war- a war against the overuse of plastic grocery bags. Almost all states, stand together with this city, on their fight against plastic grocery bags. Here, by the excessive use of plastic grocery bags, injustice is done upon the mother earth. Plastic grocery bags are acting as a disease that never can be cured. It slowly kills our environment and thereby the people like cancer. As it is cheap and easy to carry people use it very commonly. I feel it is time to wake up from the clutches of these carry bags which are spread among our lives and making lots of problems for our environment. Let us feature how these plastic grocery bags harm our environment and our lives.
The use of plastic grocery bags is harmful to the earth. It is a common sight everywhere irrespective of city and villages. The accumulated plastics remain in the places non-decayed. As it cannot be reused, it remains in mud and water creating a high rate of pollution. If it is fired the hazardous air it emits is much more dangerous. I take up the words of Vincent Cobb, who works for the destruction of plastic grocery bags. “Once in the environment, it takes months to hundreds of years for plastic bags to breakdown. As they decompose, tiny toxic bits seep into soils, lakes, rivers, and the oceans” (Roach ). The places where the plastic bags are accumulated remain to be barren. There are many instances for this in our country. So the plastic grocery bags which threat the environment should have to be replaced with the reusable shopping bags.
As with environment the use of plastic grocery bags create havoc in the lives of the living beings. The plastic bags, which are flowed into the sea, are swallowed by fish. What is the result? The rich ocean resources disappear day by day. As the land becomes barren and infertile there witness a fall of the food crops throughout the world. The plastics once accumulated, erode the fertility of the earth. The air of the plastic is a toxic and so if anybody smells it he or she may have the chances for different illnesses. The animals in the forest and in other places are reportedly killed, as they swallowed the plastics spread over there. So, all the living beings are threatened by the spread of the plastic grocery bags.
What is the solution for the problem that we are all put into? Can we stop the production of plastic bags completely? No. But rather let us control the spread of non reusable plastic bags. Here is an excerpt of the news, “the Seattle City Council is considering a ban on plastic bags based on a ban approved this year in Bellingham” (Thompson). The news is an ushering thought for all. The plastic grocery bags which act as ‘use and throw’ can be largely minimized by the reusable shopping bags. Of course the cost is little bit high, but a small suffering can save the life of the earth where we all belong. So, let us take measures to reduce the use of the plastic grocery bags and promote the use of paper bags and good quality reusable plastic bags. If not, we will have to ask- where is the bird, it is gone; where is the river; it is gone, and where is the forest, it is gone; and much before these we must have gone.
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