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Plastic Bag - Essay Example

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The ordinance may require people to pay a prescribed fee for any plastic bags found during the checkout. Plastic bags became popular Sweden in the year 1962 because of…
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Plastic Bag
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Download file to see previous pages In her book called Everything Is a Human Being, Alice Walker states, “While the earth is enslaved, none of us is free’’ (Walker 666). Accordingly, she suggested so long as the earth suffers, then each and every person, together with other living creature will suffer.As such, it is therefore essential for us to take actions to protect the Earth. To reverse the gains made in polluting the earth, a piece of legislation was enacted in August 2014. The law induced a ban on all plastic bags mostly used to pack commodities in chain retail stores was enacted. California was the first state to put to work the legislation. In this case, a large number of stalls complied with the directive. The bill,accented by Governor Jerry Brown, will be valid from July 1, 2015. Consumers are not able to get normal commodities in plastic bags in accordance with the provisions.
The ban on the aforementioned traders has will soon trickle to other small scale traders such as convenience stores and other small food retailers after one year. the use plastic bag has been discredited for causing economic losses, damages the environment and ecosystem, and is harmful to human health, the authority will continue to engage in the throughout the united states since the use of plastic bags
It is estimated that each and every American uses one plastic paper per day. As such, apart from the use of plastic bags by traders, the law also focuses on activities around producing plastic bags and dealing plastic bags trash involve high economic cost that add burden to the society. In addition, we regular reuse our plastic bags, we just throw them as a trash after one-time use.Approximately $10 million of the New York City money goes to send 100 thousand tons of plastic bags that are dumped as general trash in the landfill of South Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania every year. According to the deputy commissioner in charge of satiation in New York states that, “Plastic shopping bags are an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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