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Plastic bags should be concerned more before it poisons our planet - Term Paper Example

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The present study would focus to determine the effects of plastic bags in our environment. This would initially trace the origins of the plastic bags, present its uses, and discuss its ultimate effects in our environment. this essay would suggest recommendations address the issues…
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Plastic bags should be concerned more before it poisons our planet
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Extract of sample "Plastic bags should be concerned more before it poisons our planet"

Download file to see previous pages There were even 63 identified uses of plastic bags, specifically Walmart bags. (Trucker 2009) However, as the world progressed and the environment began to be clogged by these plastic bags, its harmful effects could not be idly dismissed.

It is in this regard that this essay is written to determine the effects of plastic bags in our environment. After briefly tracing the origins of the plastic bags, the essay would initially present its uses and its over-consumption and discuss its ultimate effects in our environment. Finally, this essay would suggest recommendations address the issues concerning the harmful effects of these plastic bags in the environment.

The first identified use for plastic bags is to wrap food products. In 1969 Appierdo (2008) presented that “the New York City Sanitation Department’s ‘New York City Experiment’ demonstrates that plastic refuse bag curbside pickup is cleaner, safer and quieter than metal trash can pick-up, beginning a shift to plastic can liners among consumers”. The 1970s likewise marked more uses for plastic bags as recognized by retail giants such as Sears, J.C. Penney, Montgomery Ward, Jordan Marsh, Allied, Federated, and Hills. (Appierdo 2008) During the 1990s, the technology for recycling enabled the plastic bags to transform its utilization to other productive benefits. Barnard (2007) stipulated that “with some trial and error we were able to construct a pretty durable and usable shopping bag.
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