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Lethal v. Non lethal weapons - Research Paper Example

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Even at a glimpse of the term “weapon” written on a piece of paper, one can easily tremor because of the growing deadly conditions around the globe. The entire world is on fire because of natural and manmade hazards and weapons are one such human feature which have become…
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Lethal v. Non lethal weapons
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Extract of sample "Lethal v. Non lethal weapons"

Download file to see previous pages ra, weapons have not only failed to strengthen a nation’s position while dealing with such difficulties but suggest that it is too prudish to inflict any severe damage to enemies or accept casualties. This has given rise to legal challenge against the use of force which has given rise to unsympathetic propaganda. Lethal weapons are developed with increasing precision and lethality due to the rise of a global defense industry worth a multibillion-dollar. Justice against crime has become a matter of serious concern for the first world country as the fight back the use of lethal weapons to introduce non-lethal weapons such as “acoustic (bioeffects), chemical (pepper spray), electrical (stun devices and projectiles), kinetic energy projectiles (shot bags and ring airfoil projectiles), light (lasers, flashing bright lights), nets (baton launched, projectile launched), and fleeing vehicle interdiction (mechanical and electric/electromagnetic)” (Morehouse 1996). If non-lethal weapons are not considered secure then there seems no difference between the use of lethal weapons. But one might agree that there may be lesser damage caused to environment at large.
If the defense industry continues to produce weapons on large scale spending billions and billions of dollars, then the humanity will have to look for other solutions to protect mankind against crime. Today many nations’ chief exports are weapons technology for both defense as well as offense. Many critics have suggested that the business of conventional weaponry should be re-channelized for a worthy cause. Educated people need to realize that in order to evolve into better specie one needs to move on a higher plane. It is for this reason that the non-lethal weapons technology and its application started to evolve. Consequently non-lethal weapons and technologies are defined according to their potential application at the tactical and strategic level (Morehouse 1996). The question which often ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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