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Identify and critically evaluate the most significant suitability issues affecting Events or the events industry. What are the prospects for the future - Essay Example

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It makes a significant contribution to business economies. These event industries are extensive and integrate many different sectors…
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Identify and critically evaluate the most significant suitability issues affecting Events or the events industry. What are the prospects for the future
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Extract of sample "Identify and critically evaluate the most significant suitability issues affecting Events or the events industry. What are the prospects for the future"

Download file to see previous pages There may also be less financial objectives correlated with the thoughts and the feelings during and after the event, of those who are attending it (Raj & Et. Al., 2008).
In the paper, a particular event industry will be studied in relation to its sustainable development along with the principles of sustainable operations within the industry. Various facets comprising their financial factors, environmental influence, environmental ethics, various sustainability issues along with their benefits, threats and risks, corporate social responsibilities toward the consumers, environmental audit, marketing procedures and public relations, change of climate and its implications along with carbon footprints and budgets will be taken into the consideration in the discussion of this paper. The paper has been focused particularly on sport events and sport event industry.
According to Jones, sustainable development is regarded as the capacity to make sustainable development and also provides a surety that it can comply with the needs of the current situation without considering the capability of future expectations (Jones, 2010).
From the ecological or environmental point of view, a sustainable system relating with the environment maintains a constant supply of resources along with avoiding overuse of renewable resources or harmful environmental functions and ultimately diminishes non-renewable resources to a certain extent (Harris, 2000)
From the economic point of view, a sustainable development focuses mainly on performing various actions in order to create a better future for the people. Also, it identifies the situations where market prices of the economy do not properly match with the external costs (Harris, 2000).
From the social perspective, a sustainable system should perform various functions like proper allocation of equity; maintain the requisites of social services like healthiness, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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