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Hospitality Event - Essay Example

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This paper Hospitality Event will discuss how hospitality management and professional organisations are dealing with current environmental and sustainability issues. It will also evaluate the significance of promoting environmental sustainability…
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Hospitality Event
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Download file to see previous pages As the essay declares while dealing with current environmental issues, undoubtedly climate change is the most potential one. Climate change can be simply referred to as a permanent change in a region’s statistical distribution of weather that occurs over a long period of time. Even though climate change is a natural process historically, nowadays man made causes outweigh the natural forces. Hence, the rate at which climate change occurs has been increased for the last two decades. The process of climate change has far reaching consequences on human life, agriculture, ecosystems, biodiversity, and the atmosphere This study stresses that more specifically saying, unscientific and careless waste management is another troublesome environmental issue facing the modern society. Majority of the industrialists and households are not aware of the application of proper waste management mechanism or its significance in promoting a sustainable environment. Hence, they dump waste materials including e-wastes in their surroundings, marshlands, and oceans. Such practices have wide range severe implications on the environment. Studies have proven that waste dumps significantly contribute to emission of greenhouse gases. Even though a number of ‘waste to energy’ conversion technologies have been developed, improper waste management is still threatening environmental sustainability because people and businesses do not give much emphasis on waste management practices. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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