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Problems/ Issues of Conducting Research with Refugees - Essay Example

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There are several problems and issues that arise in conducting research with refugees. These problems can broadly be categorized into methodological problems and ethical issues. …
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Problems/ Issues of Conducting Research with Refugees
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Extract of sample "Problems/ Issues of Conducting Research with Refugees"

Download file to see previous pages In particular reference to research methods for refugees, the challenge is even immense. Voutira notes that the main challenges for refugee research are trust and access. In most researches, the degree of social separation between the study population and the researchers is in most cases characterized by distrust. Gaining access to refugees with the aim of carrying out research about them may prove difficult because of the regulatory procedures required and the issue of trust . It is important to employ research methods that facilitate gaining of access to the refugees and subsequently building trust. This will be essential in enhancing researcher- participant relationship hence achieving research objectives. There should be appropriate way of recruiting refugees to research while at the same time considering the perceptions concerning the social exclusion nature among those accessed. Guerin and Guerin explains that the design of methodology of research for refugees should consider gatekeepers for purposes of gaining easy access and enhancing trust. In regard to sampling, they explain that the sampled population should include aid workers and representatives of refugees under study selected through snow balling sampling method. Besides, the most appropriate data collection technique is focus group and personal interviews. Also, questionnaires method will be appropriate in researching refugees especially when seeking to obtain anonymous answers (Sixsmith, Boneham and Goldring 2003, p. 579). Problems/ Issues of Conducting Research with Refugees There are several problems and issues that arise in conducting research with refugees. These problems can broadly be categorized into methodological problems and ethical issues. This methodology is for research proposal for a project that seeks to establish the extent to which Afghan refugees in Fremont, California are able to access health and social care. Therefore, the problems and issues addressed will be in reference to this group. Before addressing these problems and issues, it is important to define what the term ‘refugees’ means. Temple and Moran (2007, p. 674) defines refugees as the group of people who have decided to leave behind their habitual residence places under certain coercion conditions. Due to the extent of the challenges they say and the places of their ‘current residence’, they are considered as one of the socially excluded groups. In regard to methodological problems, there are several problems that researchers experience when doing research with refugees. The first problem is that of recruitment and retention of participants. This problem is attributed to the issue of trust and access. Most refugees are often are often accompanied by fear and reluctance as a result of difficulties that they undergo in the process of adapting and surviving in foreign and sometimes hostile and unbearable environments (Jacobsen and Landau, 2003, p. 186). As such, they are unwilling to reveal their real views to outsiders including the researchers. Apart from that, they may be formulating certain strategies such as security or how to leave the refugee camp; therefore, disclosing any information to the researcher might put some of their strategies in danger. It is against this background the issues ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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