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Challenges Faced by Immigrant Women in Canada - Research Proposal Example

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"Challenges Faced by Immigrant Women in Canada " is a research proposal about the challenges that women migrants face in their quest to find jobs in Canada with the focus on Ontario. The proposed research is descriptive research and it aims at finding the major trends in the lives of these migrant women and identify the status quo from a myriad of research systems and methodologies.
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Challenges Faced by Immigrant Women in Canada
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Extract of sample "Challenges Faced by Immigrant Women in Canada"

Download file to see previous pages The proposed research is descriptive research and it aims at finding the major trends in the lives of these migrant women and identify the status quo from a myriad of research systems and methodologies.
“Canada has been a popular destination for immigrants due to the progressive social and legal systems that it has upheld for decades...” (Draper et al, 1998 p56). For over 200 years, Canada has been reputed as the portion of British soil in North America that has upheld very positive legal systems that uphold integration, equality, and the respect of human rights. Due to this, many African-Americans who were fleeing from slavery in the United States of America moved to Canada in the mid-1800s, long before the American Civil War began (Draper et al, 1998 p54).
Over the past century, legal structures and international migratory trends have changed significantly. Although immigration to Canada started actively after the 1700s, a major boom of immigrants from different parts of Europe, the British Commonwealth, and Asia started between 1940 and 1975 (Cameron, 2004 p65). After 1975, the immigration rules in Canada were tightened and it affected aimed at promoting selective immigration of people who could show evidence of contributing positively to the Canadian economy and also integrate gradually into Canadian society (Grubel, 2009 p45).
Currently, a lot of women have come into the country as migrants. These migrants come with various challenges and difficulties that make it quite difficult for them to find employment positions in relation to their Canadian-born counterparts.
So it pays to learn about how things happen for these women in their bid to integrate into Canadian society by taking up employment opportunities. There are some legitimate questions that can be asked in order to get an idea of how these women fare in their job hunts and how they try to find new employment opportunities and take them up. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Challenges Faced by Immigrant Women in Canada Research Proposal.
(Challenges Faced by Immigrant Women in Canada Research Proposal)
Challenges Faced by Immigrant Women in Canada Research Proposal.
“Challenges Faced by Immigrant Women in Canada Research Proposal”.
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