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Changing Face of Poverty in Canada - Essay Example

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Professor Topic: Changing face of poverty in Canada Beyond the borders of advance countries, who would know that Canada has issues of poverty too? Grant (2012) assailed that unlike the western front, Canada is not quite transparent about its problems on increasing unemployment of its human resource and the decline of their income’s purchasing power against rising prices of commodities…
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Changing Face of Poverty in Canada
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Download file to see previous pages In the last decade, poverty dropped by an estimated number of 500,000 people based on low income cut-offs (LICO) and of market basket measure (MBM) (Grant, 2012, p 1) although between 2007 to 2009, there is an observable reversal of this status albeit not much. Researchers considered the shifts amongst socio-economic groups specially the condition of single parents which has significantly improved its income levels. They suspected that the scaling job opportunities from the service sectors assisted women to cope economically (Grant, 2012). Some youths were also able to manage amid financial instability and global economic recession (Grant, 2012). Immigrants however confront difficulties as they are usually receiving low income although there is bit improvement for off-reserve Aboriginal people despite the challenges of deteriorating employment situation (Grant, 2012). On a note, groups specializing economic intervention for those communities with limited resource access and poor income have presented some options to influence decision-makers, legislators, and partners to be creative in providing solutions to problems on social services and rural communities’ marginalization. ...
bution of the energy sector by optimizing technology that permeat the implementation of industrial development for a better competitive market rate by tapping the country’s renewable energy, too. For Paunic (2009), the development of these renewable reserves could help advance industrial expansion, put environmental profit, gain international appreciation, reduce potential problem on future energy and open broader opportunities for sustainable development. This could mean opportunities too for low income families as advancement entails some jobs for employment (Paunic, 2009). While it’s recognized that the wealthy people in Canada also professed declining condition of their businesses (McKenna, 2011), however Lefebvre, Merrigan, and Michaud (2011) also viewed the significance of the upward trend for those in the retirement sector following the broadening of better health services; reduction of pervasive benefit pensions; and, of generally less generous pension (p. 1). Crow (2009) also explained that the changes in inflation performance in Canada came amid issues on monetary policy after 1987, but which also laid the essential groundwork for their subsequent success. They also noted that the home-grown monetary policy gained decent domestic inflation performance in the last decade although this is not wholly decisive on it (Crow, 2009). The Canadian dollar’s exchange rate also improved and allowed its monetary policy to stabilize the currency’s value, thus assisting national economic condition (Crow, 2009). Economist perceived that this temporary recession is just a monetary phenomenon and thus, needs regulation to stop the continuing inflation rate and to undertake substantive restrategizing for the common good (Crow, 2009). The varying governmental objectives ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Changing Face of Poverty in Canada Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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