Interrelations Between the Syrian Conflict And the Instability Situation In Lebanon - Research Proposal Example

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The conflict in Syria has continued to leak out of its borders. The study takes mixed methodology in the analysis of existing literature to ascertain the exact nature of the situation. The report uses existing literature to analyze the military, socio-economic and the political situation in the region…
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Interrelations Between the Syrian Conflict And the Instability Situation In Lebanon
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Download file to see previous pages The mixed nature of the study cannot be stressed. As such, theorists argue for the application of the synthesis of existing literature for such studies. Experts claim that among the most acceptable methods of research is an analysis of literature from reputable sources. Even though various forms of studies drawn from literature exist, the study adopts a narrative approach to investigate the issue and point out the problem as it is. As such, various pieces of literature will be analyzed to generate the most relevant facts regarding the issue. The analysis method is adopted due to the existence of abundant literature concerning the problem of the study and the available time constraints in conducting a field study.
Of interest to the study is the findings and the conclusions drawn from various studies conducted regarding the topic of the research. As such, the study will review the historical underpinning of the crisis, and their socio-economic impacts. Among the relevant sources considered in the synthesis include websites of multilateral organizations such as the UN and its constituents. It also considers governmental websites regarding population and academic commentary on the war. Consideration is also given to research papers by various NGO’s relating to the topic and independent searches on the problem. The paper will also consult various academic journals and other print media to ascertain their perception regarding the issue. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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