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Syria Revolution - Research Paper Example

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Syria is a country in the Middle East which borders turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Israel. Revolution is the change in power in a nation which can be enhanced by political indifferences, pressure of the opposition or internal and external conflict. flict…
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Syria Revolution
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Download file to see previous pages Being a democratic republic under the power of President Bashar Al- Asad together with his advisors, members of the ruling party, his ministers, the president made major decisions and was also in charge of the ruling party. Together with his party leaders, the president governs all the three branches of government , he was given the mandate to rule the country for his second term of seven years in a “yes or no” referendum that was unfair in the eyes of human rights advocates both locally and internationally. Military was deployed to bring to an end the uprising hence using firearms on the demonstrators across the country, this lead to an armed rebellion which comprised of volunteer civilian and defected solders from the government. According to the report of the United Nations released on September 2013, more than one hundred and twenty thousand died in the process while thousands of protestors are rotting in jail and there are reports of terror and torture in the state prisons. The Syrian government is given reinforcement by Russia and Iran, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar supports the rebels with weapon. The reason for the uprising started when President Bashar al-Assad came to power in the year two thousand immediately after his father Hafez dead, who had lead Syria since 1970. This dictatorial system of government had only one party system which left few means for political differences, the nation had no peaceful transfer of power since 1950 and for change to take place only a military coup or an uprising was to take place, because the mercies of the country felt oppressed, humiliated and deprived their right to have the leader of their own choice. The Ba’ath party was regarded as the initiator of the “Arab socialism” that tried to merge the state leading economy with Pan –Arab nationalism; the ideology of the Baathist was reduced to nothing, this was facilitated by damaging its reputation by making its economy to became weak and losing the wars against Israel. The reforms of the vestige socialism made the doors wide open to personal venture enhancing and broadening consumerism along with the upper and middle classes and neglecting those favored with links to the Assad government, by this uneven economy was created which latter triggered the uprising as the cost of living got high and job became scarce (Anon 1). Persistent drought devastated farming in the north eastern Syrian community which totally relied on farming lead thousand of Syrian people to suffer hunger, due to lack of stability in the Syrian government more than a million suffered since 2008, by this many individuals from the hit area went to urban in search of their daily bread, lack of employment in town led them to become frustrated ending up in mushrooming of slums. This population was angered by lack of help from their government and this fueled anger and hate of their mother country hence being eager to over throw their government. Rapidly growing population lead to the emergence of young and energetic people in the nation, due to lack of employment this created a demographic time bomb in the country which was to explode anytime. Lack of productive public sector as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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