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Effect of Injuries on Elite Referees - Research Proposal Example

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This work called "Effect of Injuries on Elite Referees" describes whether injuries influence the decision-making ability of the referees. The author outlines the frequency and nature of the injuries. From this research proposal, it is clear about the steps of medical therapy. …
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Effect of Injuries on Elite Referees
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Extract of sample "Effect of Injuries on Elite Referees"

Download file to see previous pages Several kinds of research have been conducted on the influence of referees on the match results. Some have argued that most influences arise from their emotional attachment to a particular team. This paper seeks to analyze the effect of these injuries on referees. The paper will, therefore, provide information on whether injuries influence the decision-making ability of the referees. Analyze and present defending data on whether injuries make referees more effective by enhancing their sensitivity or not. The paper will be guided by one research question, that is, what is the effect of injuries on elite referees?
The recent future has seen an ever-increasing interest in football refereeing as a career, leading to in turn increase in the frequency of injury with the resulting cost for treatment and loss of match officiating time. This has resulted in the introduction of prevention such as injury prevention programs (Bahr et al 2004). This has also increased the need for developing and support programs that enhance research on injuries among elite referees. In analyzing the literature, there are only peer-reviewed studies on referees’ injuries. One of these publications is Australia Rules Football (ARF). Brukner et al. (1991) describe a comparison of injuries in ARF and re referees. Match demands for football players are similar for referees. From the publication, the time lost due to injuries was recorded for 22 matches of the 1989 season. The paper done by Fauno et al. (1993) analyzes the effects of shock-absorbing heel inserts on soreness in the lower extremity and back in 91 international referees in a 5-day tournament in Denmark. In the control within a range of 16 and 93% of referees showed soreness while the prevalence was lower in the intervention group. In addition, six acute injuries were realized, giving an occurrence of injuries in every 1000 referee hours (Mallo et al. 2009). So, it appears justifiable that a referee may at one point suffer from injuries or physical problems in a game in her or his career. 
In contrary to external factors, primary referee-related risk factors in risk assessment are psychological components (Castagna et al. 2003). It had been indicated that these factors not only affect the aggregate performance of a referee, but also his further injury probability. Most of the studies in relation to this were founded on either a stress theory or a personality-profile approach. Even though not all studies related to the topic use different methods, the result conformed to the fact that life-related events can influence the risk of injury among referees (Bizzini et al. 2011). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Effect of Injuries on Elite Referees Research Proposal, n.d.)
Effect of Injuries on Elite Referees Research Proposal.
(Effect of Injuries on Elite Referees Research Proposal)
Effect of Injuries on Elite Referees Research Proposal.
“Effect of Injuries on Elite Referees Research Proposal”.
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