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Unbiased Jury/Voir Dire and Fairness - Essay Example

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UNBIASED JURY, VOIR DIRE AND FAIRNESS Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Unbiased Jury, Voir Dire and Fairness A jury is a group of people who are sworn in a court of law to deliberate and deliver impartial judgments and verdicts to cases presented to them in a court of law (Frederick, 2005)…
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Unbiased Jury/Voir Dire and Fairness
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Download file to see previous pages Attorneys then subject the selected jury people to inquiries for credibility. Voir dire is the process where the defense or the prosecution question the jurors as a means of examination or evaluation whether they are biased or not. The attorney of the trial judge conducts this process (McCormick & Starr, 2001). In order to obtain an unbiased jury from a multitude of applicants is critically important in today justice system as it ensures that credible personalities are selected to serve fairly in their jurisdiction. Gone are the days when the selecting panel would ask prospective jury applicants whether they were able to serve faithfully and without bias or favoritism. Contemporarily, the selection process entails a free discussion and open-ended deliberations and discussions on their life experiences, feelings and opinions regarding key issues in their operation on cases. Jurors usually enter the courtroom with preconceived notions due to their past life experiences, which can affect their evaluation and performance on cases. The process of voir dire assists a big deal in bringing problematic jurors back to track if they are prone to interpreting cases against the required standards. The jury ought to be educated on contemporary issues regarding current cases. A firm rapport also ought to be inculcated in the entire jury acquaintance process. Subjection of open-ended inquiries on the prospective jury and proper communication in the course of voir dire enhances confidence. Fairness as a virtue should be stressed on the jurors as much as it should be instilled in the selection process (McCormick & Starr, 2001). The jury is an extremely important body in the justice system. Without the jury, the entire administration son the part of law maintenance in their jurisdiction. Thus, it is imperative to observe the inception of unbiased jurypersons. In the course of selection of credible, adept and free from bias prospective juries, the processes of credible and fair jury selection and voir dire are consummate and profoundly required. Upholding these practices is extremely important as it educates the prospective jury to avoid personal conveniences and notions from past e4xperiebnces from their past experiences (McCormick & Starr, 2001). This educates them to be fair and highly considerate in their jurisdictions and rulings. Joint education and voir dire, since it consists of the open forum approach, dispels the fears of the jury members and makes them adept in teamwork and appreciation of fellow jurors’ opinions regarding particular vases presented under their dispensation. As a matter of fact, the processes of preparing the prospective jury and voir dire assist profoundly in the enforcement of a great deal of information into the the subconscious of the individuals on different approaches to case interpretation and negotiations in their jurisdiction and rulings. It ensures that only those individuals experienced in law and adeptly capable of interpreting it are incepted into the jury for effective functionality. In the entire law related fields, credibility, impartiality, professionalism, honesty and sanity are consummately profound characteristics that the practitioners in the fields are expected to possess. The jurors and the jurors’ recruiters are not an exception. Thus, therefore numerous related pitfalls and drawbacks ought to be avoided and evaded at all costs, to deliver the best out of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Unbiased Jury/Voir Dire and Fairness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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