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I found that the way an individual attaches to their primary caregiver in their formative years will affect them later in life. When they have problems with attachment, they eventually have…
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Download file to see previous pages EFT has nine steps that couples are led through and each one builds upon the other. There needs to be more multicultural research in this area to find out how EFT will work with a variety of couples. All of these challenges will prevent a couple from having a satisfying, enriching and intimate sexual relationship. As Humphrey (2007) stated, couples who are attached securely to themselves and other people will be better able to commit to each other within their couple relationship.
Personally, I felt that attachment theory is very relevant to all types of relationships because people have to understand how to get close with each other if they want to move into sexual relationships. I think that attachments start by becoming friends and learning about each other. As the relationship progresses, if both individuals have formed secure attachments in their earlier relationships, a sexual relationship will happen easily and when it is time.
Older people have always been an interesting aspect of my interest. Generally, they seem to be very active and very much alive. I have seen many elderly people who are still very active sexually. I think that although they may have physical problems, they do not have to stop living their lives. I agree that we need to "develop effective and safe treatments for these sexual problems". One of the challenges with this I believe is that there are many stereotyped ideas that people have regarding how people are when they are older. Many facilities that have older people will deny that they are sexually active; in fact, many discourage this activity. However, people in close quarters do fall in love just like anyone else and they should be allowed to have sex naturally in the way they would if they were living at home. I agree that mental healthcare professionals and healthcare personnel should make ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sx-wk11 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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