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Critical Annotated Bibliography - Essay Example

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Instructor Name: David Beck July 5, 2011 Subject Name Critical Annotated Bibliography: Topic 9/11 Eggen, Dan. “9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon” August 2006. Washington Post. Web. July, 5, 2011. This report by a Washington Post, Staff Writer, Dan Eggen, provides the information on controversies on the collapse of the twin towers…
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Critical Annotated Bibliography
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Download file to see previous pages The commission considered that case to the Criminal Justice Department in order to punish the departmental wrong doings in the case of twin tower collapse. The bad thing is that, the commission at last agreed to compromise and referred all the case to the DG for the Defense and Transportation Department who on departmental behalf can call any official to prosecute in the Criminal Justice System. The case of NORAD was also suspicious in providing correct information. In order to cover up the pressing pressure from different media entities, Pentagon worked in a separate report that was focused on to find if the information submitted to Commission was wrong or not. The different stockpersons from the Pentagon said the report is in the draft shape and will be shared soon. Jones, Steve E. “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?” 2006. Web. July 5, 2011. This report by the Dr. Steve E. Jones is a controlled-demolition hypothesis that says that collapse of the WTC was not possible by the impact of airplanes and fire caused but by controlled by the installed cutter-charges. The important fact is that there is, US government has never investigated on the matter. The work by Dr. Jones is a scientific hypothesis that can be tested scientifically. The core findings include that collapse of the twin towers were a deliberate effort by authorities by implanting cutter-charges. The WTC 7 building that was never hit by any plane was demolished on its footprints. The building was a steel frame building that is hard to prove that the building collapse without any planted demolition devices. This work was reviewed by many scientists of PhD level and by physicist. This work by Dr. Jones provided lot of scientific information that collapse was not natural due to airplanes. It portrays high level of challenge to the authorities that say that the work collapse was due to airplanes crash in between them. The fire, fuel burning was analyzed with its power and other material in the building was also analyzed and then it was compared with the power required to demolish the building and found that impact of airplanes is not enough to cause the collapse. The WTC 7 then provides evidence that there is nothing that hit it as an airplane then why it gone demolished. New York Times. CBS News. “Poll”. Web. July 5, 2011. This was a poll that was done through telephonic methodology that tells about the opinion of the people to know what they think Bush Administration is telling truth, hiding something or lying about the event of 9/11. The polls have 4 percent of margin of error and its results were showing trends on the response. The more people were thinking that administration was lying and hiding the true facts from the people. The polls were taken for 2002 and 2006. The response rate for telling truth was 21 percent in 2002 and 16 percent in 2006. The response rate for hiding something was 65 percent in 2002 and 53 percent in 2006. For mostly lying, the only 8 percent in 2002 but it raised to 28 percent in 2006. These statistics shows that there is a deliberate segment of population who believes that the story is based on lies and it cannot be taken as completely rationale for taking part in the military efforts all over the world. People are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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