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Counterterrorism on Terrorist Groups - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This article demonstrates the role that the center of gravity (COG) concept in military science has played in combating the menace of terrorism. COG has been considered a fundamental planning factor by the author of the literature in all sciences of joint military doctrine…
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Annotated Bibliography Counterterrorism on Terrorist Groups
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Extract of sample "Counterterrorism on Terrorist Groups"

Download file to see previous pages Its proper consideration and implementation has been considered crucial for the successful attainment of the desired combat goals and purposes.
COG is essentially a joint operation plan that serves to provide moral, physical and technical support to militia, with an inherent capacity that gives them a competitive edge over the opponents. In this concept, the first step is essentially to have the right group of people with the required critical skills and capabilities, then identifying ends and taking strategic positions. The other important facet is to have sufficient resources to support the mission and the most important tenet of the COG concept is execution. Training is one thing and executing is another. There is need for the team to have the inherent ability to perfectly execute the laid out plan for success to be a guarantee.
This material is relevant to our topical discussion as it propounds practical military approaches that can be implemented to detect movement patterns of the enemy and counter them before they strike hence relevant. Moreover, it is a unique approach that makes use of intelligence gathering ascribed to opponents in lieu of physical groundwork used in most combat systems.
The evident shortcoming from the literature is that the author highly focused on the theoretical concepts and detailed methodological procedures that make the COG concept appear complex and difficult to execute. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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