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10 environmental science articles - Article Example

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In 2008,twelve orphan chimpanzees were released back into the wild after being equipped with GPS tracking devices attached to collars.Six males and six females were released,all ranging between eight and twenty years of age,making this only the second time that captive chimpanzees were sent to live among wild chimpanzees …
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10 environmental science articles
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Download file to see previous pages In 2008,twelve orphan chimpanzees were released back into the wild after being equipped with GPS tracking devices attached to collars.Six males and six females were released,all ranging between eight and twenty years of age,making this only the second time that captive chimpanzees were sent to live among wild chimpanzees Due to the tracking devices, researchers were able to monitor the activities of the chimpanzees, discovering that five of them created their own community in the area where they were originally released, two of which gave birth to healthy offspring. One of the other females integrated with success into a community of wild chimpanzees. By releasing the chimpanzees back into the wild, awareness programs and environmental education programs have increased, drawing attention from people who frequent the park. The release has also caused a halt in illegal hunting and fishing. It is because of the release that other sanctuaries are considering releasing some of their own back into the wild in the near future. These sanctuaries feel that the more people are educated about the animals being released, the more likely the animals will be able to survive in the wild without having to fear humans bringing harm to them or their environment. Article Quality The quality of the article could have been better. While it explained the benefits of releasing the chimpanzees into the wild and tracking them with GPS, the article could have gotten more into detail about how well the chimpanzees were adapting to their new surroundings. It also failed to go into detail about how people were being educated and supportive of the chimpanzees’ release. Article Topic The subject matter of this article is very interesting. There are often stories that are not so successful about animals being released into the wild. By using GPS to monitor the whereabouts and conditions of the chimpanzees, as well as informing people about the project, the release was able to be a success. If other sanctuaries use similar tactics, perhaps more animal releases will be just as successful. Summary A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health revealed that an increased intake of berries is capable of decreasing the chances of men and women developing Parkinson’s disease. The study conducted also showed that men could decrease their chances even more by also eating apples, oranges, and other food items that contain flavonoids or anthocyanins, which have proven to be neuroprotective. Flavonoids and anthocyanins can be found in plants and fruits, but also in berries, chocolate, and citrus fruits. These dietary components are also known as vitamin P and citrin. This was the first study to focus on the impact of flavonoids on the development of Parkinson’s disease. The study consisted of 49,281 men and 80,336 women. They were each given a questionnaire that was used to determine the amount of flavonoids that each person took in on average. The connection between flavonoid intakes and risk of Parkinson’s disease was then analyzed. The participants were then followed for twenty years. During the twenty years, it was found that the more flavonoids that a male took in, the less of a chance he had at developing Parkinson’s. While women showed no significant results with flavonoids, it was revealed that women can decrease their risk by increasing their intake of anthocyanins. Article Quality The quality of the article is very good. It summarized the most important aspects of the study, such as who was involved, what took place, the results, and the importance of the study itself. However, the article could have gotten into more detail about the effects of flavonoids and anthocyanins and how they actually protect the brain. The article only informed the reader that these components are capable of protecting them, but it would be even more beneficial to know how. Article Topic The topic of the article is fascinating, informative, and very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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