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The Load-Bearing Duct: Biomimicry in Structural Design - Article Example

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In the article “The Load-Bearing Duct: Biomimicry in Structural Design” the author explored biomimicry in structural design. The philosophical elements of the concepts and ideology of biomimicry are discussed in a case study of structural design…
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The Load-Bearing Duct: Biomimicry in Structural Design
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Extract of sample "The Load-Bearing Duct: Biomimicry in Structural Design"

Download file to see previous pages The load-bearing product is a functional naturally ventilated multi-story office building. It is aimed to take the applied loading in the most efficient way; as a result, it is both cost-effective and structurally efficient. Therefore it offers the potential to be sustainable throughout its design life. Biomimicry is used in a range of disciplines from engineering to designing. Sharkskin has enabled the making of more aerodynamic swimsuits and airplanes. Lotus leaves have made the creation of new paint that has self-cleaning properties possible. In history, Greek mythology refers to biomimicry when it narrates the tale of Daedalus trying to emulate the flying principles of a bird so that he can escape from King Minos’s island of Crete. Before the industrial revolution, applied mathematics and design codes drew inspiration from nature for structural designs. The aforementioned article discusses the alternative solutions to conventional design practice such that it can become more sustainable. The main purpose of alternative designs would be to combine resources in a way such that the least energy is expended and wastage can be kept to a minimal. The article suggests that such energy-efficient principles can not only be applied to design but also to construction, choice of materials used and operation procedures of construction.  It exemplifies how structures constructed on the principles of nature have proven to be sustainable; one of the biggest examples is the Pantheon. The roof of the Pantheon takes inspiration from seashells and is strong due to its multi-dimensional curvature. This makes the structure lighter than traditional concrete buildings and does not need any extra reinforcing. Copying natural processes is also essential to sustainable development since many of the natural hazards that the world is subjected to on a regular basis are due to improper power use. On the other hand, natural systems are minimum energy systems and the fact that they have been in existence since time immemorial is representative of their sustainability. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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