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Reflecting writings - Essay Example

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Reflective Journals I. In the first assignment I introduced myself to the learning community. While not as intellectually rigorous as later tasks I recognized the importance of this first assignment as it provided me with opportunity to become familiar with the moodle and share my thoughts and experiences with the group…
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Reflecting writings
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Extract of sample "Reflecting writings"

Download file to see previous pages One such example was the creation of Voki in the Turkish language. I found the uploaded compositions interesting and challenging. II. This assignment greatly expanded my knowledge about the implementation of blogs in learning communities. In terms of the articles and the uploading of my own personal blog, I came to believe that some of the most important elements of blogging in the professional learning environment are the question and answer options that exist so that colleagues can aid each other if problems arise. In addition to this this module opened my eyes to the broader possibilities of blogging within education. For educators blogging can represent a sort of self-reflective practice where daily or weekly occurrences are noted and professional colleagues and thinkers can contribute to possible solution criteria. In this way professional development is not limited to administrative at the particular institution but can be extended to a broad range of learning and intellectual communities. Within the contemporary world, where social-networking dominates, it’s clear that such professional development opportunities are becoming increasingly necessary; without extending beyond these traditional barriers the educator and subsequently their students will not be able to remain on-top of the curve in terms of national trends and insight. Another clear function of blogging is for the students themselves. While in-class writing assignments have long been a core part of the curriculum, blogging offers a relatively new and convenient means for students to chart their reflections and insights in a format that is apt for feedback from other students and educators. This is just another tool for educators to develop and improve student intellect. III. I found this task to be highly relevant as it allowed me to become a large amount more familiar with the podcast format. In this task I was assigned the group C, wherein I acted as the enquirer – reading and sharing three articles and questions with the group. In large part this module functioned to demonstrate to me the practical aspects of podcast creation. For instance, I learned how to create a podcast and how to demonstrate this ability to students. In addition to the practical aspects, I came to understand how the podcast form is particularly applicable in foreign language learning where pronunciation and audible understanding are essential elements of learning. Within this specific module I recognized this through the implementation of our own podcast, as we used the English-Turkish song I Will Survive. In terms of podcasts the application for language learning is truly endless as students can engage in interactive forms of learning through listening exercises, as well as be required to go beyond traditional forms of written homework; instead being required to participate in listening and pronunciation exercises in the off-school environment. IV. In this module I became familiar with the wiki format. While I had already been acquainted with major such features, for example Wikipedia, in this section I came to understand that wikis exist in a broad variety of subject area formats. The first wiki I examined was the 18000 Campus Way wiki, wherein it was predominantly utilized as an extra-curricular means of promoting school meetings and outside activites. The next wiki – ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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