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Writing Express Reflection - Essay Example

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This essay stresses that the writing express course has aided me to overcome the author's apprehension of technology as he has increasingly learnt to conduct effective internet research, rather than only relying on the library and using his card file to look up everything he wanted. …
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Writing Express Reflection
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Extract of sample "Writing Express Reflection"

Writing Express Reflection WRITING EXPRESS REFLECTION The writing express has aided me to overcome my apprehension of technology as I have increasingly learnt to conduct effective internet research, rather than only relying on the library and using my card file to look up everything I wanted. The online search engines proved especially effective in identifying the articles I needed to review, instead of looking up the articles manually, while it also allowed the researcher to look for the required articles using keywords associated with the subject under research. In this case, the subject involved the role that chief nursing officer plays in relation to the staff nurses, which was made easier through the internet searches. Sometime ago, I would have had to scan a book or article to get this information and see whether the information was related to the subject. In addition, taking the writing express course has helped me appreciate that I prefer a visual style of learning, rather than an auditory one. For instance, I learnt more about the subject by reading related material and viewing graphics and charts. Since the writing express class was mainly visual as an online course, I was happy that this was my preferred learning style.
The writing express course has also helped me to understand and appreciate myself better, while it has also given me skills and abilities that I can use in my future courses. For instance, I am better equipped to collect research and identify related resources; while I will also be able to order articles and books online. While using my research skills in finding articles related to CNOs and their roles around the staff nurses, I also found very helpful tutorials and I now know that the internet has numerous resources that I can use in my future courses if any questions arise. The writing express course also aided me in identifying and achieving work-related goals, specifically by setting up accounts on various scholarly websites and links where I can post my resume after completing my studies and hopefully get an interview or a job offer. The fact that I can find a job without having to leave the house was an amazing realization for me.
Now that the writing express class is almost done, I am seriously considering enrolling for a master’s degree after completing my undergraduate degree because I have found that I enjoy learning online and can achieve my objectives and goals through hard work. My greatest strengths in the online classes was my goal setting ability and the discipline to ensure that I reached these goals, which was achieved through taking notes of what was required for each class and breaking down the tasks to smaller sub-tasks. This course especially helped me to become more organized, which is an important aspect of college work. However, my weakness has always been shyness, which the online course has helped me overcome partially as I did not feel too self-conscious because of this format. As a result, I feel more self-confident and found it easier to express myself compared to the traditional classroom setting. I believe that this new-found confidence will be of help in my college life and seeking for a job. I have really enjoyed this class as I have learnt about my best learning style and gained confidence, while also becoming more goal-oriented. Read More
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(Writing Express Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
“Writing Express Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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