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Feature writing - Essay Example

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FEATURE WRITING Institution Date Feature narrations are unique well-described, thoughtful, original, articles that are well researched hence they explore an event, place, idea or people in depth. Journalism has embraced to great deal the art of feature writing, such narrations are common features in magazines, blogs, newsletters, newspapers, television and radio broadcasts among other forms of the popular press…
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Feature writing
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Download file to see previous pages The feature by Emily Yoffe on her experience in a nudists’ camp is a captivating, descriptive, reflective and a colourful article that utilises a myriad of stylistic devices. The introduction sets the stage for the narration by giving a clear background of the content of the article (Armada 2013). A powerful analysis by the author at the beginning of the article clearly makes the reader to get aroused to reading the entire article (Pape and Featherstone 2006, p 1). She presents the entire situation briefly using very concise sentences and very clear articulation. She gives details of she came to learn about the Hidden Bush camp through a member of the camp called Dick. This helps the readers to connect with the situation and understand the reason why the author get to be exposed to such an experience. The introduction has been added more value with good sentence construction, use of vocabularies and stylistic devices. While talking with Dick she refers her talk as “chitchat” to demonstrate that her attention was fully lost when she saw her nudity in Dick’s sunglasses. Symbolism has been used in the narration to depict the situation of nudism. Yoffe opens the article invoking the thought of the reader by colouring it with many symbols. The use of the word “Hidden Bush” to refer to the nude camp has a deeper meaning. The name is very descriptive. This place is not only a hidden place but it seems to be in the wild, the place itself is wild, meaning human habitation is limited. Another symbol is the name of the person who the author talk to,“Dick”. In its real terms, dick is a word that expresses a lot of nudity since it is a synonym to penis, male genitalia. The use of the name also expresses the disregard for shame that comes from nudity, the fact the author mentions it publicly to her readers demonstrates that it is viewed as a normal thing to strip before everyone else in the camp. The reflection of her nudity in Dick’s sunglasses is also symbolic of the situation at Hidden bush (Yoffe 2010, p 1 ). All these symbols add extra meaning to the passage hence making it readable and interesting. The author’s reflections are amazing. She tells of an event that took place some times back as if it had happened the day before. She precisely remembers what happened at every particular moment without fails. While at the cafe for dinner she remembers the debate, she had with herself concerning whether to use the napkin to cover her nudity or not, to her amusement nobody seemed to care about eating while nude. Such reflections promote the understanding of the story, helping the reader to focus and relate with the personal experience that is narrated by the author (Strunk and White 2000). Such reflective thoughts prompt her to get deeper into imaginations. At some point, she is imagining if Isaac Newton were a member of Hidden Bush, “he would not have needed a falling apple to help him arrive at the theory of gravity".(Yoffe 2010, p 3 ). This comical and imaginary statement expresses the deep understanding and the keen interest the author had concerning the whole aspect of nudity. The article is very descriptive in all manners, through words and the picture. The graphic representation of the occurrence in the first page of the article demonstrates ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Feature Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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