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How Globalization Affects small businesses - Essay Example

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It is appropriate in explaining a difficult concept that requires in-depth attention of the reader (Ballenger 163-4). To capture the interest of the reader, it…
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How Globalization Affects small businesses
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Download file to see previous pages ization affecting the current experiences in small business venture?” The increasing changes in business climate are a possible result of globalization effect. Many small and medium enterprises are not able to realize how this phenomenon is influencing the business environment. “Have you noted any unexplained changes in competition, consumer behavior, price changes and business rules and regulations which are derived from the globalization?” Such an approach to discussing the issue of globalization will evoke the interest of the reader due to the sensitivity of the question in respect of the widespread startup firms and increasing competition in small and medium enterprise in this era of globalization (Friedlander, Edward and John 56).
This journalism lead approach is more appropriate in the case of using pictures and diagram to make a visual appeal to the underlying issues being addressed (Ballenger 163-4). It serves the purpose of a visual impression and gives the reader an overview of the topic being addressed. This is a critical tool of captivating the attention of the reader through proper pictorial presentation and precise expression of ideas (Friedlander, Edward and John 61-6).
From the picture above it can be noted that the increasing technological application in small businesses is a culmination of the rising competition in various industries. Cost reduction measure versus high quality output is a major goal of the profit oriented small enterprises operators. In this respect, non-price competitive strategies are at play and this sums up as a culmination of the globalization effect. To contain the gap between well-established multinational corporations and startup firms, information technology application provides a level ground for survival and this one aspect of globalization. In this case, the critical concepts of globalization and its effect on small business are addressed through visual presentation and the reader has grasped important facts ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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