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According to them, the key to attaining resilience and success is to maintain an environment of team and group work. Similarly, nursing is one such profession which maintains a…
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Reflective writing
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Running Head: REFLECTIVE WRITING Inserts His/Her Inserts Grade Inserts 31st March, Group Work
In the present age, the business and service organizations believe in flexibility and group work. According to them, the key to attaining resilience and success is to maintain an environment of team and group work. Similarly, nursing is one such profession which maintains a similar belief.
A group refers is formed with the help of two or more people, aligned informally and sharing similar beliefs, in order to achieve a mutual objective. The nursing profession interprets and translates the significance of group working in the form of quality service provision. The nurses, or other clinical and medical practitioners, cooperate and work with each other, enable better communication, more understanding, faster decision-making, and a stronger supervision for each other. Group leadership skills provide a solid foundation for using group concepts, theory, and research with a wide variety of groups and group settings (Carolyn, 2008).
It is also observed that the patients with chronic health problems are better treated when examined by a group of nurses or doctors. In this way, a constructive research and discussion takes place, and there is an enhanced relationship with the patients. Moreover, while working in groups, the professional skills of nurses are also groomed and they begin enjoying helping and facilitating one another in professional activities (Nursing Times, 2000). The advantage that the concept of group working gives is that there is a more formalized joint approach to the planning of patient care through further participation of patients as well as nurses. The group support also helps relieve anxiety from both the doctor and the patient.
I think, in a group working situation, it is also easier to brainstorm and find solutions to the existing problems. It also encourages an effective utilization of the resources, and helps to keep complete records and collection of data whenever needed. In the profession of nursing, it is essential to have mutual cooperation, trustworthiness, sense of accomplishment and respect for the individual values and beliefs. All these aspects can be worked on while performing the tasks in a group (The Scottish Government, 2004).
Moreover, working in groups is extremely beneficial for the organizations which operate in a complex manner. There is increased competition, and conformity to better productivity. It results into more and better idea generation and an individual learns to lead and attain a sense of responsibility on his/her part. Shared knowledge and experience gives the person a direction and support to move ahead with the group. The task allocation, division of work and accountability are the basic features that make a group more productive and efficient.
Thus, group working gives rise to the concept of synergy. It enables the people as well as the organization to run the operations and activities in a better and smoother manner. Not only this, but the group working also helps individuals, groom and develop themselves personally as well as professionally.
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Reflective Writing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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