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Reflective writing baased on Full Body burden - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Reflective writing based on Full Body burden: Fact and fiction Full Body Burden is a book written by Kristine Iversen. It describes the secrets that dotted her childhood as she was growing up in a neighborhood near the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons facility…
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Reflective writing baased on Full Body burden
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Download file to see previous pages Besides, Kristine gives readers her stint at the weaponry facility where she was employed to work for a short duration of time. In as much as several concepts are evident in the book, it is fundamental to explore the facts and fictions that came out through Karen’s narration of the Colorado plant. Fact is defined as a thing that is known and has been proven true while fiction is something that is not right and untrue. While growing up and working for Rocky Plants nuclear weapon, Kristine encountered a number of challenges and experiences; some are facts while others are fictions (Iversen 3). I find that Kristine’s narration balanced between facts and fictions that help readers share the same viewpoint. The author candidly reveals her personal life to readers in an open manner. The events that surrounded her personal life such as having an alcoholic father and working at the nuclear factory shaped her life and gave her the experiences she needed to write the book. I consider the revelation of these secrets important for the development of the story since they were factual (Iversen 31). According to Kristine, she received the information needed for the development of the book from the interviews she conducted on the people, both from the neighborhood and from the plant. This is fictitious because she does not tell us the methods she used for the interviews. Furthermore, she is at pains to illustrate how she corroborated the data. The illustrations are factual because they are based on experiences. This is because it is a first person narration. She was at the same place where events were taking place. I find it tricky to determine facts in a situation where the people to be interviewed have vague memories. Consequently, I believe that the author’s recollection of her family’s memories is false. This is attributable to the fact that she directly quoted some of the conversations she had with members of the family. She pointed out exactly what her sister was doing while on her date. This is fiction because the author fails to declare that she interviewed her sister. Ordinarily, this cannot be factual because the time duration cannot allow persons to recall the exact words said more than a decade ago. This is because she spent twelve years working on the book (Iversen 301). Kristine takes us through the bare facts concerning the plant while revealing the once hidden secrets about the nuclear plant. The government had initially lied to the citizens of Colorado about the dealings of the plant. However, when Kristine exposed the damages that the surrounding environment had undergone due to nuclear weapons disposal by the factory, it disclosed the shocking cover up by the US government. Besides, the radiations from the factory caused hurt not only to the environment but also to human health. This is because several people were diagnosed with cancer. The factory was closed because of these revelations. I find such kind of disclosure by the author factual. Otherwise, the factory would still be operating had the stories been fictitious. A crucial aspect of the book is portrayed in chapter sixteen. The author highlights the decline of a family. Kristine discloses the emotional disconnect that her family had with their alcoholic father. This alcoholism almost caused them their lives when her father was driving when intoxicated. Although the author’s father was a lawyer, he constantly faced trouble with the law due to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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