Teacher's reflective writing: My school experience on Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) ........... Teacher in tr - Essay Example

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Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) University Department Date Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) I am a secondary school teacher in training majoring in design and technology. As part of my course, it has become mandatory to acquire hands-on experience in dealing with children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)…
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Teachers reflective writing: My school experience on Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) ........... Teacher in tr
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"Teacher's reflective writing: My school experience on Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) ........... Teacher in tr"

It is evident children with special needs require special attention. As a teacher, it is of significance to devise novel techniques and methods of dealing with these children. The hyperactive kid doesn’t sit down at a place for long without interfering with the other kids in his class or drumming on the desk, or running out of class and hiding somewhere. According to Gade (2002), “One of the most serious problems for hyperactive children is their asocial behaviour due to their attention deficit and the lack of impulse control. And most of the conflicts arise when being together with other kids” (p. 21). As a teacher, it would be important to create and implement plans of action in teaching the hyperactive kid based on this fact. One of the issues that contribute to this funny behaviour depicted by the hyperactive kid particularly running away and hiding somewhere is because hyperactive children are disturbed by a mixture of noises. In the presence of other classmates, this kid is bothered and consequently aggravated as a result of various or countless intuitions in his brain. This confusion develops into the running away and hiding and interfering with other kids (Armstrong, 1999). Being around a crowd of people frightens the kid and if this situation is not dealt with expeditiously, it may result to fatigue. Researchers have tried to elucidate this manner of conduct or behaviour as the failure of the kid to comprehend the tenets of social conduct (Horowitz and Rost, 2007). There are a number of ways that I can deal with the hyperactive kid as a teacher. It would be important to avoid incidents and activities in the classroom that would aggravate the kid. According to Dosani (2008), adopting teaching techniques that will encourage the kid to try out what he loves most will help him relax and acquaint himself with the surroundings. For instance, the kid gets very excited when I ask him to teach me a song on the piano he knows. Shapiro (2010) asserts that teaching activities that will lead to unnecessary tiredness, discontent, and frustration ought to be avoided. Such activities may include dancing around for long periods, and singing loudly for a very long time. Loud noises will aggravate the kid. The other kid I work with in music lesson has attention deficit disorder. He is very quiet and he needs to be encouraged and be reminded in order for him to remain on task in the lesson. Playing soft music is beneficial to children with difficulties concentrating in class. Cuellar (2006) elucidates the fact that “Listening to music can increase relaxation and it can enhance a positive mood. Many people exercise more frequently or more effectively if they listen to music while they exercise” (p. 120). Studies done in the past have shown that both hyperactive and hypoactive individuals have the capacity to focus and give attention to a particular activity while cool music is playing at the background. Putting up a music system that plays soft music at the background in the classroom would help these children relax and concentrate in their activities. As a teacher, it would be important to encourage the kid with attention deficit disorder to learn to play as many instruments as possible. This is because playing musical instruments have been proved to possess a number of advantages in learning. It helps Read More
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