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H/R - Essay Example

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Running head: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Human Resource Management Module: Professor: College: Human Resource Management 1. Organisations are moving towards a new level of competitiveness both internally and externally. In order to succeed there is need for the management to enhance efficiency in all departments primarily in Human Resources…
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, line managers’ position can be used to facilitate team work, higher performance, cohesive gap between the management and the workforce and improvement of a company’s image (Taylor, 2011). 2. A company can use its HR functions to conquer the challenges of globalisation. In relation to staffing a company is supposed to employ highly skilled and experienced workforce. This is possible through rigorous recruitment and training practices especially in technology related fields. In order to attract and retain resourceful employees an attractive and competitive compensation package should be offered also to ensure growth sustainability. Employee’s performance should be constantly evaluated in order to correct fault lines and this is possible through performance management. This assists in ensuring that all employees are working towards achievement of the overall organisational goals. 3. Intangible assets are generally those assets that are non-monetary and are not physical in nature. They comprise of human capital which falls in the realms of HR management and intellectual capital among others. A company stands to gain competitive ground if it fully utilises these assets. They form a source of value which is at 75 percent and as such need ample attention (Taylor, 2011). HR influences these assets through performance management, selection practices, compensation schemes and training. Companies that utilise them even without adequate financial and physical capital, end up at higher competitive ground than those with the latter but short in intangible assets. 4. Evidence-based human resource management is based on healthy and sceptical attitudes towards what works and what does not in regards to HR practices in a company. This practice tries to assess qualitatively the human capital strategies that result in a certain achievement or lack of it for example the relationship between financial performance and the HR strategies in the workplace. A HR department may fail to appreciate this as it is more of a best practice approach that acts only as a guide but not the true nature of the HR landscape (Taylor, 2011). In this regard its evaluation can be quite subjective leading to misleading findings. 5. Acquiring and preparing human resources contributes heavily towards helping a company gain competitive advantage. Compensating human resources contributes least towards the above. Acquisition and preparation act as foundations of all human resource functions. It is here that a company needs to acquire the most skilled workforce possible. When this workforce is adequately prepared to handle the task ahead then the company stands to gain competitive edge. Compensation of human resources on the other hand does not necessarily lead to a competitive advantage as it is heavily dependent on how other HR functions are done. 6. Southwest Airlines is the leading low-cost carrier in the US and it has impressive and unmatched records of profitability and on-time arrivals. One of its HR policies is no layoffs which it stuck with even after the 9/11. It also has training and development programs that enable employees to multitask resulting to them having multiple skills. Employees are therefore highly productive and loyal to the airline leading to its success. Due to high morale employees serve customers with pride which translates to customer loyalty; a rare occurrence in the airline ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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