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Mike Ansell has asked Helen Reeves to head up the new Turkish operation and he has suggested to her that this subsidiary should have the same organisational and people management systems and practices as those successfully operated by VC in Canada and England…
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International Human Resources Management
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Download file to see previous pages Foreign Trade has received great impetus due to these factors and companies looking towards expanding their organisations are employing norms and policies to facilitate proper monitoring and maintenance of their employees. Due to growth in commerce and management, strategy planning and execution has become an integral part of organisation. Due to this, International Human Resources Management has come to the forefront. International Human Resources Management seeks to lay down common rules, solutions to problems and personnel management systems to help this new phase of global expansion transform into a success story and to help organisations adapt and procure better results.
Working in a country that one is not familiar with, is a great challenge in itself. More so, when it involves the establishment of a branch office of your company or deals with the successful initiation of an extension of your company, in a scenario completely different from the one you are familiar with. Heading these operations that delve into international horizons and expansion plans of your company build up more responsibility that needs to be fulfilled, on your part. Therefore, a great amount of thought-processing and execution must go down into such plans, before embarking on a conclusion.
Vancouver Communications is an established organisation with its headquarters in Canada. It is involved in the production and sale of office communication equipment. Mike Ansell, the CEO of the company for the last 15 years had come up with the proposal to expand the operations of the company. This led to the establishment of the company in Wolverhampton. The work procedures and functioning of the office has been similar to the Canadian office. Furthering the expansion plan, the CEO has come up with the proposal to set up an office in Turkey, for which Helen Reeves, the Deputy Head of Marketing shall head the operation. At this stage, how should the company proceed with its expansion plans Should it follow the same old conventional method of work, even in its subsidiary as suggested by Mike Ansell How should Helen Reeves evaluate and formulate an action plan for successful functioning of the subsidiary under her in Turkey These are some of the questions that need to be answered before a headlong jump into the setting up and organisation of the new subsidiary.
Evaluation of Mike's Proposal
Introduction: Mike's proposal needs evaluation and assessment, since the plus and minus points of the same need to be identified and worked upon. Here are the various facets of evaluation, that could either accentuate or diminish the quality of Mike's proposal.
Turkey is one of the favorable fast-growing sites for international expansion of business, trade and commerce. Transfer of technology, the extent of involvement of the local resources, the net currency profit, etc. are some of the factors that are looked into, before the green signal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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International Human Resources Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 Words.
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