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Strategic Human Resources Management - Essay Example

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Strategic management of human resources is a powerful concept which is emerging as a tool for enhancing organizational efficiencies and achieving outstanding results. While hitherto fore, production and marketing were considered as core management functions, it is only of late that strategic human resources is being regarded as an important component of organizational efficiency…
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Strategic Human Resources Management
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Download file to see previous pages The case study of South African Breweries (SAB) is an ideal model of organizational development through focus on human resources development to achieve the company's vision. (Johnson, 2000). The alignment of the company's vision with performance enhancement and innovation led to overall development of the organization. Planning and structuring of programme of human resources development formed the focal point to achieve growth globally in an environment which was in a state of flux in South Africa. This change was achieved by strategic human resources management thinking by the Human Resources Department of the company. High performance working and planned organizational development through the human resources perspective are thus seen to form a link in strategic human resources management
The growth of the information, knowledge and service economy brought about the need to adapt a more flexible model of working wherein work is a dynamic rather than a cyclical process exemplified by the assembly line in the concept popularized by Taylor. (HPW, 2006). The Taylorian model is seen to be quite inefficient and ineffective in delivering services in the modern economy focused on the need to design solutions for individual customers. High performance working on the other hand places emphasis on policies in organizations that are people centric thereby enhancing the focus on delivering the best to the customer down the chain. This has necessitated a large cultural shift in many organizations which may or may not be wholly accepted by many people.

HPW has been defined as evolving a decentralized, non hierarchical flat organizational structure with limited management control, high level of autonomous working based on trust and commitment and team working. (HPW, 2006). As culture involves both strategy and people, there is an innate link between HPW and strategic human resources management. The implementation of HPW is a powerful strategic shift to ensure personnel development is a change which is implemented organizationally. The need to adopt a wholly new and dynamic culture is essential. The key focus of this strategy is on the human resources staff that has to ensure implementation of the concept in an internal environment which may or may not be supportive of the same. For HPW to succeed the vision of the company has to shift to providing value to the customer and aligning the product to the needs of the customer. This will have to be a vision based, top down process which can be implemented through out the organization in a systematic manner.

Holbeche (2002) has provided a check list for high performance organizations which have adopted HPW. The key components of HPW have been designated as development of people through structured training programmes to manage the self, build team capabilities and capacities to implement projects simultaneously with improvement of performance and fulfilling the goals of the organization. The aim should be to create an evolved, committed employee down the chain to enable delivery of core service to the customer. The process of HPW is thus a change from the traditional model and there is as much emphasis on team building, trust and commitm ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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